Why needs a realtor in Vancouver/为什么要地产经纪

Why needs a realtor in Vancouver/为什么要地产经纪

 Vancouver Realtors 买卖房屋为何要地产经纪

Why needs a realtor in Vancouver/为什么要地产经纪: 在BC; 无论您是购买还是出售物业,您都需要一名房地产经纪。因为他们有着8个承诺:

  • 房地产经纪人®经过专业机构培训
  • 您的房产经纪人®不间断跟新行业知识操守
  • 您的地产经纪®帮助客户完成交易
  • 你的房地产经纪®道德是第一位
  • 您与房地产经纪®保障您的权益
  • 您与房地产经纪®寻求机会
  • 您的房地产经纪®将授予您访问独家MLS服务的权利

其实以上种种都是理论, 最大的问题是受到法律保障 – 如果在BC省没有房产Agent,一切交易都不会受到法律保障。

How can a realtor help me? – Vancouver Real Estate Agent

In BC; whether you are buying or selling a property, you need a realtor. Here are their 8 promises:
  • Your REALTOR® is highly trained
  • Your REALTOR® is continuously trained
  • Your REALTOR® does everything by the book
  • Your REALTOR® is an ethical businessperson
  • Your dealings with a REALTOR are insured
  • Opportunity for recourse
  • Your REALTOR® will grant you access to the exclusive Multiple Listing Service®

Again, a professional realtor is not a driver, their main responsibility is to protect your interest. We noticed that maybe you have had some bad experiences with other realtors in Vancouver, please give us a chance to prove that we are the one you are looking for.

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