When an offer comes, Price VS Conditions / 卖价最重要

When an offer comes, Price VS Conditions / 卖价最重要

When an offer comes, Price VS Conditions

Selling price is always in number 1 sit for sellers. There is no doubt, everybody wants to keep extra more $10,000 – $20,000 into the pocket.

When we compare several offers with our sellers, we find out that price isn’t the only matter we should be considered, other elements play an important role as well.

For example: Offer A is $10,000 less than Offer B, but Offer B put an Financial clause on the CPS – mentioned the interest rate not to exceed 2.1% – most likely, you can’t get such low rate in nowadays. When Offer B buyer can not satisfy the financial clause, he/she might just walk away.

Example 2: Offer A is $5,000 more than Offer B; but Offer B can close the deal right away which is perfect for you, and Offer A set the closing date in 6 weeks later. What if you need to sell your property right away, to gain $5,000 more or wait???

In conclusion, terms and conditions in CPS also play a important in buying and selling a property. A realtor’s responsibility is to protect our client’s best interest; help them to make a right move. If you have any questions, do not feel hesitate to contact us.


价格, 价格,价格永远都是排在买卖的第一位。毫无疑问,每个卖家都想卖多三几万。


案例1:OfferA比OfferB少1万,但OfferB在合同的贷款条款里面有低利息条件 – 利率不超过2.1% – 在各个银行不停加息的情况下,买家是很难很难拿到如此低的利率。当OfferB银行无法财务条款时这个易将会被取消。

案例2:OfferA比OfferB多5,000; 可是OfferB可以立马成交,在这个节骨眼上对卖家是最有利的,反看OfferA, 他们要6周之后才成交。如果卖家急需出售他的物业,如果你是卖家,你觉得你会多拿5000还是选择等待?(其实这个要看市场波动)

总之,CPS (房屋买卖合同)的条款也是房屋买卖重要的一环。作为房地产经纪的责任是保护我们客户的利益; 帮助他们做出正确的决定。如果您有任何问题,请不要犹豫与我们联系。 谢谢。

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