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列治文房源列表 – 城市屋和公寓房源

West Cambie Park is entering into the 2nd phrase now, once the park gets done; which will create a much better living environment for west Cambie residents. Commercial and residential make this area become the busiest community in Richmond. Re-zoning sign is everywhere, real estate developers try to build more condos and townhomes in West Cambie. The world biggest supermarket Walmart has already in, what is the next? Developers will probably do a lot of land assembly in the next 3-4 years, and try to build more and more townhouses and condos in this area. If you love to live in Richmond, do not miss our West Cambie MLS Listing Richmond Page – we update the most recent listings every day.

一旦West Cambie公园落成; West Cambie居民创造更好的生活环境 – 繁华闹市里的绿洲。 商业和住宅使该地区成为列治文最繁忙的社区。重新盖房的标语无处不在,房地产开发商试图在西坎比建造更多的公寓和联排别墅。世界上最大的超市沃尔玛已经进入,下一步是什么呢?

Richmond Condo Listings

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