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There are more than 500,000 Chinese who are living in Greater Vancouver. Don’t miss your chance to demonstrate you listing in Chinese. We can help. 在温哥华有超过50万华人居住的地方, 为什么要放弃一个那么大的广告市场, 把您的广告投放到我们网站, 我们可以协助您成功

Real Estate Agent Advertisement – 地产经纪广告

✔️Chinese and English Listing Description 中英文描述

✔️Rank your listing on the top page of Google 保证在Google前三页面

✔️Your name and your link will be displayed 您的名字和电话包括网站都会先生出来

✔️Keyword research 我们帮您做关键字排名

Real Estate Advertising Result and Goal – 地产行业广告投放

We do care positive result more than any other agencies. Without your support, we couldn’t get our foot on the ground. That’s why we guarantee your listing will be displayed on the first three pages on, please check the image below for more details.

我们比任何其他广告公司都用心, 因为没有您的支持, 我们根本走不到现在。 这就是我们为什么保证您的广告和关键词能够在谷歌头三页看到, 让客户轻松可以联系到您。 看看下面的我们的网站分析, 就一目了然了。

What if you are a Developer? 如果您是地产开发商怎么做广告投放

Townhouse/Condo Developer can always list your advertisement on our home page, we can either provide you an pop-up windows or 1000*90px display ads on the home page.

Note: We could also list Car dealer, products, service ads as well. 

如果您是一个地产开发商 (Bosa或West Bank), 我们可以把您的广告做成弹出窗口或1000*90px的图片来展示您的广告在我们的首页上面。

备注: 我们也接汽车, 各行各业的广告合作

Advertisement Positive Result – 广告数据,效果明显

BuypropertiesBC Advertisement

Advertisement Cooperation - 广告合作

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