溫哥華房地產經紀陳爆内幕 | Vancouver Real Estate Market Insight

溫哥華房地產經紀陳爆内幕 | Vancouver Real Estate Market Insight

溫哥華房地產經紀陳爆内幕 | Vancouver Real Estate Market Insight

溫哥華房地產經紀陳爆内幕:Analysis of the slow real estate market in Vancouver, a local realtor show you how to buy your dream home

When an international student saw a rental listing in Vancouver mansion on facebook for only $1,100, he thought it is a “hoax”. 

The nine-bedroom home, dubbed “The Castle” by the 14 students who share the property, is apparently owned by an Afghani pop artist. The student said:” I will never imagine I can live here, and I wish I can live here as long as I could.”

In nowadays, a lot of Chinese investors rather rent their home out to avoid paying the empty home tax. So students might find the whole bunch of luxury home to live.  

It’s a far cry from the frenzy of a few years ago when Vancouver was at the centre of a global property boom. Prices more than doubled in the decade through 2016, outpacing gains in New York and London. But government policies to tame the market — from new taxes to stricter mortgage regulations — have fuelled a plunge in sales to the weakest since the global financial crisis. Prices are down 8.5 percent from their peak in June, according to the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver.

Happy Renters in Vancouver

With 3% empty home taxes on homeowners annually, they are rushing to lease their home out right now. And this is why the vacancy rate is near zero percent in Vancouver. 

Some Vancouver realtors state that a 4million house is only leasing for CAD$4,500/monthly. 

Another Vancouver realtor has mentioned that he received calls from people offering to help with gardening or maintenance in exchange for free rent in a luxury home. Of course, the agent and the owner will not respond to this kind of request. 

Vancouver Home Seller

Another Vancouver local realtor, Sun hired by a Chinese-Canadian Seller to sell his luxury house. The family’s had it with the new taxes and what it sees as increasing hostility to Asian capital.

Sun isn’t sure she’ll get a credible offer for the 8,343 square-foot mansion. These days a pool, wine cellar, and home theatre on a prime lot aren’t enough to clinch a deal, even in West Vancouver, where opulent homes carved out of steep slopes overlook the ocean.

“I’ve been through only the peak, never the low,” said Sun as she schedules a makeover of the property. Pink tags indicate to the four cleaners what needs to be dumped. The Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce in the garage, relatively unused for three years, also need to be dealt with.

The house is listed at $10.9 million, but after receiving mostly low-ball offers closer to its tax-assessed value of $6.2 million, she’s planning on dropping the asking price closer to $8.3 million.

That’s a hefty cut but holding on to the home would mean paying potentially more than $140,000 in extra taxes annually for the Canadian owner who splits her time between Vancouver and Beijing. Canadian taxes are not the only measures weighing on the market. China’s capital controls are also limiting spending on global real estate.

Vancouver’s market is not going to come back to its highs, especially at the top end??? Probably Yes – 90% la. 

Home Price Negotiation 

In 2016; around the peak of the market, it is almost impossible for Brandon (financial planner) to afford a house. He was looking for a 1*bed condo during that time. Fortunately, he took his step back and wait, he is looking for a detached home now around $1.1 million. 

Low ball offering is his tactic, nothing is working out yet, but he has tried $200k less than the listing price for an offer – rejected by the seller. 

In most of the buyers’ eye, they still see the market is trending down. So they prefer to wait and see. 

Vancouver Flippers

One flyer offers a 368-square-foot luxury condo unit at $515,000. “Transfer at the original price,” If it listed last year, it would’ve fetched as much as $800,000. 

溫哥華地產經紀 - 樓花

Money making on flipping – put 20% as deposit, flip the contract before completion, gain money on your pocket – this was the what we have seen in 2014-2017. 

But the broader downturn is beginning to catch some out across various developments.

Those who bought at the peak need to find a buyer fast or come up with the full amount to pay the developer. With banks in some cases assessing units lower than the contract price, buyers hoping for a loan may face a shortfall. But there is no assurance in any deals now, some sellers are lucky just to break even. 


帶你們看第一手資料, 樓市行情現象。 


當一名國際學生在facebook上看到溫哥華豪宅的租賃僅租1,100時,他認為這是一個“惡作劇”。不是惡作劇, 這是真實的。


這與幾年前的溫哥華處於全球房地產狂熱相去甚遠了。在截至2016年的十年中,價格翻了一倍多,超過了紐約和倫敦的漲幅。但是,政府控制市場的政策 – 從新稅收到更嚴格的抵押貸款法規 – 出現了自全球金融危機以來最弱的銷售額。根據大溫哥華房地產委員會的數據,價格較6月份的峰值下降了8.5%。

某些列治文地產經紀人表示,由於對溫哥華一個空置稅就3%,房東急於把自己的房屋出租出去來避稅。所以最近溫哥華最近房屋的空置率很低。有某些4百萬的豪宅, 只要4500就可以租到。



另一位當地的溫哥華房地產經紀,由一位中加籍華人賣家聘請,出售他的豪宅。這個家庭覺得新稅收以及政府對亞洲資本的敵意越來越大, 所以決定賣房。

這位經紀不確定她是否能獲得8,343平方英尺的豪宅的好的offer。如今,一個游泳池,酒窖和家庭影院都不足以達成買賣協議,即使在西溫哥華,那裡陡峭的山坡上的豪華住宅俯瞰著海洋。“我只經歷了高峰期從來沒有經歷過低潮。“ 她說。

房子的價格為1090萬,但收到的大部分低價報價, 某些是接近620萬美元,她計劃將要價降低到830萬 – 接近政府估價。這是一個巨大的降價,但如果房東保留房子這將意味著每年要支付超過14萬的額外稅收,這位房東在溫哥華和北京之間兩邊跑。

加拿大稅收並不是控制房地產市場唯一措施。中國的資本管制也限制了全球房地產的開支。溫哥華的市場將很難回到原來的高位,特別是在高端?很有可能是的 – 90%。


2016年房屋價格談判;在市場高峰期,Brandon(理財師)幾乎不可能買得起房子。那段時間他正在尋找1 房公寓。幸運的是,他等待了,他現在正在尋找一個大約110萬的獨立屋。

低價offer是他的策略,雖然現在還沒有什麽成果,但他已經嘗試了比挂牌價低20萬offer – 被房屋賣方拒絕了。



一個傳單印刷著368平方英尺的豪華公寓單位,價格為515,000美元。 “以原價轉讓”,如果它在去年上市的話,這個房源絕對高達80萬。

炒樓花賺錢 – 賺錢, 的卻如此, 給20%作為定金,在交房前把合同轉讓出去,賺錢 – 這就是我們在2014 – 2017年看到的情況。

但是,更廣泛的經濟衰退開始在各種行業中出現了。那些在高峰期買入的人需要快速找到買家, 要不然, 就意味著要拿出各種款項去支付開發商的費用。更頭疼的是銀行在某些情況下評估樓花單位價格會低於合同價格,好多貸款的買家都可能面臨資金短缺。

現在樓花買賣沒有任何保證,一些賣家為了實現收支平衡, 低價抛售自己的樓花。。。