{:en}Vancouver Real Estate Stats Jan.2020 - Housing Market{:}{:zh}温哥华2020年1月房地产报告 - 住房市场房价概况{:}

{:en}Vancouver Real Estate Stats Jan.2020 - Housing Market{:}{:zh}温哥华2020年1月房地产报告 - 住房市场房价概况{:}


Vancouver Real Estate Stats Jan.2020 – Housing Market

Homes Sales go up and Supply Down – Housing Market Jan.2020

Vancouver Real Estate Stats Jan.2020 – Housing Market: According to Real Estate Board of Vancouver, home sales remain steady but MLS listings decline in Jan.

REBGV reports that residential home sales in Greater Vancouver totalled 1,517 in Jan.2020; compared to 1,103 Jan.2019, there are 42.1% sales increase.

Last month’s sales were 7.3 per cent below the 10-year January sales average.

“We’ve begun 2020 with steady home buyer demand that tracks close to the region’s long-term average,” Ashley Smith, REBGV president said. “Looking at supply, we’re seeing fewer homes listed for sale than is typical for this time of year. As we approach the traditionally more active spring market, we’ll keep a close eye on supply to see if the number of homes being listed is keeping pace with demand.”

Why less home supply? My comment is that the BC assessment plays a very important role. At the beginning of 2020, BC assessment adjusts all properties valuation price down 8-15%.  Don’t think sellers are stupid, they might know the market more than realtors. Listing agent can promise them to sell at a high price; however, after 1-2 months, if the sellers do not get any offers, sellers still need to decrease the price.

In Jan, the new listings were 17.4% below January’s 10-year average.

The sales-to-active ratio:

  1. Detached home: 11.6%
  2. Condo: 23.9%
  3. Townhouse: 22.6%

Total Sales in Detached homes, condo, and Townhouses:

  1. Detached home: 439 houses sold
  2. Condo: 814 apartment sold
  3. Townhouse: 318 townhomes sold

You can simply download the Vancouver Real Estate Report Jan.2020 Here.



温哥华2020年1月房地产报告 – 住房市场房价概况





REBGV总裁阿什利·史密斯(Ashley Smith)表示:“到2020年开始,购房者的稳定需求将接近该地区的长期平均水平。” “从供应量来看,我们看到要出售的房屋比一年中这个时候的典型房屋要少。随着我们进入传统上更为活跃的春季市场,我们将密切关注供应情况,以查看上市房屋数量是否与需求保持同步。”

为什么房屋供应减少?我的评论是,BC评估起着非常重要的作用。2020年初,BC省评估将所有房地产估值价格下调了8-15%。卖家又不是不知道,他们可能比房地产经纪更了解市场。经纪可以保证卖家们以高价出售;但是,在1-2个月后,如果卖家没有收到任何offer,他们仍然需要降低价格 – 所以很多卖家先看看市场走势再决定卖不卖。 



  1. 独栋房屋:11.6%
  2. 公寓:23.9%
  3. 联排别墅:22.6%


  1. 独立式住宅:卖出439栋房屋
  2. 公寓:卖出814套公寓
  3. 排屋:卖出318套联排别墅

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