{:en}Vancouver Real Estate Stats Feb.2020 - Housing Market{:}{:zh}温哥华房屋价格 - 房地产买卖数据2020年2月{:}

{:en}Vancouver Real Estate Stats Feb.2020 - Housing Market{:}{:zh}温哥华房屋价格 - 房地产买卖数据2020年2月{:}


Vancouver Real Estate Stats Feb.2020 – Housing Market

Demand increases and low supply in Feb.2020

According to the Real Estate board’s monthly report – home demand steady increase and supply decreases which is a good sign for the sellers in Feb. There were 2,150 homes sold in Feb.2020; 44.9 per cent increase compared to  Feb.2019, and 36.9% increase compared to Jan.2020.

However, Feb’s home sales are still 15.6 per cent below the 10-year February sales average.

The Board’s president said that homebuyers demand increase but home listings were having a hard time to keep pace the demand market; especially in the Condo market.

For MLS Listings, there were 4,002 new listings in Feb.2020, which is 3.4% increased compared to Jan.2020.

How about the open houses? To me, I hosted 6 houses in Feb.2020, compared to last year there were more traffics. And I have seen some of the properties got multiple offers as well.

Let’s take a look at the sales-to-active listings ratio:

  1. 17.3% for detached homes
  2. 26.9% for townhomes
  3. 28.4% for apartments


Total Sales in Detached homes, condo, and Townhouses:

  1. Detached home: 685 houses sold – 52.9% increase from Feb.2019
  2. Condo: 1,061 apartments sold – 39.8% increase from Feb.2019
  3. Townhouse: 404 townhomes sold – 45.8% increase from Feb.2019

温哥华房地产价格 - 2020年2月



温哥华房屋价格 – 房地产买卖数据2020年2月


温哥华房屋价格 – 房地产买卖数据2020年2月: 根据温哥华房地产局的度报告,房屋需求稳定增长而供应减少,这对2月的卖家是一个好兆头。2020年2月,有2150套房屋售出。与2019年2月相比增长44.9%,与2020年1月相比增长36.9%。

但是,2月份的房屋销售仍 10年来的2月份的平均销售 15.6%。



那房屋开放日怎么样?对个人而言,我在2020年2月做了6次Open House,与去年相比,人流量高了不少。而且我已经看到某些楼盘有Multiple offers。


  1. 独立屋的17.3%
  2. 联排别墅的26.9%
  3. 公寓的28.4%


  1. 独立式住宅:出售685套房屋,比2019年2月增长52.9%
  2. 公寓:售出1,061套公寓,比2019年2月增加39.8%
  3. 排屋:出售404套排屋-比2019年2月增加45.8%