{:en}Vancouver Real Estate Stats April.2020 - Housing Market{:}{:zh}2020年4月温哥华房地产市场报告 - 房屋价格买卖数据{:}

{:en}Vancouver Real Estate Stats April.2020 - Housing Market{:}{:zh}2020年4月温哥华房地产市场报告 - 房屋价格买卖数据{:}


Vancouver Real Estate Stats April.2020 – Housing Market

Homes sales and listings were down due to the Covid-19

Vancouver Real Estate Stats April.2020 – Housing Market: Metro Vancouver’s home sale and listing were kept remaining low due to the Covid-19 pandemic; however, realtors were looking for a new way to break through – virtual open house.

According to REBGV’s report on May.04.2020 – a total of 1,109 home sales in April. 2020.  39.4% decrease compared to last year, and 56.1% decrease compared to March.2020.

Note: Last month’s sales were 62.7 per cent below the 10-year April sales average and were the lowest total for the month since 1982.

 Predictably, the number of home sales and listings declined in April given the physical
distancing measures in place. People are, however, adapting. They’re working with their Realtors to get information, advice and to explore their options so that they’re best positioned in the market during and after this pandemic. Colette REBGV’s president said

Let’s take a look at the sales-to-active listings ratio:

  1. 10% for detached homes
  2. 14.7% for townhomes
  3. 12.4% for apartments


Total Sales in Detached homes, condo, and Townhouses:

  1. Detached home: 388, houses sold – 33.8 p% decrease from March.2019
  2. Condo: 503 apartments sold – 43.2% decrease from March.2019
  3. Townhouse: 218 townhomes sold – 39.1% decrease from March.2019

Full Report: Vancouver Real Estate Stats April.2020温哥华房地产报告2020.4月

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2020年4月温哥华房地产市场报告 – 房屋价格买卖数据



根据REBGV 在2020年5月4日的报告,4 月份共有1109宗房屋销售。2020年。与去年相比下降39.4%,与2020年3月相比下降56.1%。



让我们来看看  销售与活跃列表的比率

  1. 独立屋的10%
  2. 联排别墅的14.7%
  3. 公寓的12.4%


  1. 独立式住宅:388套,已售房屋–与2019年3月相比减少33.8%
  2. 公寓:已售出503套公寓,比2019年3月减少43.2%
  3. 排屋:出售218套排屋-比2019年3月减少39.1%