{:en}Vancouver Real Estate Report Nov.4.2019{:}{:zh}温哥华房地产报告2019年11月4日{:}

{:en}Vancouver Real Estate Report Nov.4.2019{:}{:zh}温哥华房地产报告2019年11月4日{:}


Vancouver Real Estate Report Nov.4.2019

Vancouver Real Estate Report Nov.4.2019: Increase, increase, and increase. Homebuyers activities are much more aggressive, more sales in Oct.2019.

The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) reports that residential home sales in the region totalled 2,858 in October 2019, a 45.4 per cent increase from the 1,966 sales recorded in October 2018, and a 22.5 per cent increase from the 2,333 homes sold in September 2019.

Last month’s sales were 9.8 per cent above the 10-year October sales average. Finally, we can see some positive numbers are going on in the market. Buyers all know that it is the right time to purchase. If the housing market keeps falling as the previous year, the banks will get a lot of pressure.

Ashley Smith said:

“Homebuyers have more confidence today than we saw in the first half of the year. With prices edging down over the last year and interest rates remaining low, hopeful home buyers are becoming more active this fall.”

The sales-to-active-listings ratio for October 2019 is 23.4%:

  1. For Detached homes: 17.3%
  2. For Townhomes: 26.2%
  3. For Apartment: 29%

We haven’t seen above number cross beyond 25% since the spring of 2018; which is a good sight for the housing market.

Benchmark price for major cities in Greater Vancouver:

Area Benchmark Price
Burnaby North $1,366,200
Burnaby South $1,473,100
Burnaby East $1,153,300
Vancouver East $1,360,500
Vancouver West $2,912,000
Richmond $1,501,600
Coquitlam $1,151,200
Whistler $1,659,200
New Westminister $1,017,000

It might be a good time for home sellers to list their homes out to the market. If you need real estate services, feel free to contact Realtor Chen.{:}{:zh}



大温哥华房地产局(REBGV)报告称,2019年10月该地区的住宅销售总额为2,858 套,比201810月记录的1,966 套增长45.4%,比201810月售出的2,333套增长22.5%。 2019年9月。


阿什利·史密斯(Ashley Smith)说:



  1. 独立房屋:17.3%
  2. 联排别墅:26.2%
  3. 公寓:29%

自2018年春季以来,我们还没有看到上述数字超过25%; 这是房地产市场的好景象。


区域 基准价格
北本那比 $ 1,366,200
本那比南 $ 1,473,100
本那比东 $ 1,153,300
温哥华东 $ 1,360,500
温哥华西 $ 2,912,000
列治文 $ 1,501,600
高贵林 $ 1,151,200
惠斯勒 $ 1,659,200
新威斯敏斯特 $ 1,017,000