Buyer's Market - Vancouver Real Estate Report Aug 2018 溫哥華房屋買賣

Buyer's Market - Vancouver Real Estate Report Aug 2018 溫哥華房屋買賣

Vancouver Real Estate High Inventory Low Demand – 溫哥華房屋買賣月報/平衡失距

Reports from the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver – in Aug 2018; there were 1,929 home sales; significantly drop 36.6% compared to Aug.2017, and 6.8% dropped compared to July.2018. This is the trend in Vancouver Real Estate – High Inventory Low Demand.

According to the MLS system in Vancouver; there are 11,824 listings in August 2018; 34.3% increase compared to August 2017. What is this data tell us? Yes, more inventories available in the market.

Houses: 6,225 MLS listings in Vancouver, but only 567 sold.
Apartment: 3,859  MLS listings in Vancouver, 1,025 sold
Townhouses: 1,740 MLS listings in Vancouver, but only 337 sold

What are those numbers tell us? Let’s dig more things out for you – calculation month of supply.
Note: our calculation is not the most accurate, we just use average #; eg: 567 sold – we use this number as the monthly average homes sales per month.

Houses: 11 months; Apartment: 3.76 months; townhouses: 5.16 months. When the stats show you >6 months of supply – buyer’s market. +/- 6months of supply – balance market; <6months of supply – seller’s market.

3 types of properties, one and a half already step into a buyer’s market, would the real estate market collapse? Time can tell.


溫哥華八月樓市持續走低 – 房屋買家賣家都處於觀望狀態

大温哥华房地产委员会的报告 – 2018年8月;有1,929个房屋销售;与2017年8月相比,显着下降36.6%,与2018年7月相比下降6.8%。

根据温哥华的MLS系统; 2018年8月有11,824个房源;与2017年8月相比增加34.3%。这些数据告诉我们什么?是的,市场上有更多库存。

租赁单位:3,859 MLS房源在Vancouver,已售出1,025

这些数字告诉我们什么?让我们为您挖掘更多的东西 – 计算供应月份。
注意:我们的计算不是最准确的,我们只使用平均值#;例如:567已售出 – 我们使用此数字作为每月平均房屋销售量。

房屋:11个月;公寓:3.76个月;联排别墅:5.16个月。当统计数据显示供应量超过6个月时 – 买方市场。 +/- 6个月的供应 – 平衡市场; <6个月的供应 – 卖方市场。


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