Vancouver Pre-Sale Market Review 温哥华楼花市场总结

Vancouver Pre-Sale Market Review 温哥华楼花市场总结

Vancouver Pre-Sale Market Annual Review 大温哥华楼花市场总结

Vancouver Pre-Sale Market Review (温哥华楼花市场总结)It is the end of the year 2018; we have provided the Vancouver pre-sale market review for home buyers and investors to have a further analyst on the pre-sale market. 

It is a busy fall 2018, back to Oct, there are 2,418 pre-sale units launches to the market; 1,298 units on Nov; and approximately 1,724 units on Dec. 

Through Oct to Dec 2018, it is probably the busiest quarter. Total of 5,400 units launches to the Metro Vancouver market (some of them in Fraser Valley area). The absorption rate is around 40% in the past 4 months. In a slow market, this number is quite promising. 


Pre-Sale Status 2018 温哥华楼花市场概况

Through the year of 2018, as we check the status of pre-sale. From Jan’s peak – 94.1 percent sold rate dropped to 40.9 percent in April. From May to Aug, it is kind of like bouching forth and back.

Let’s take a look on Oct stats (busy month), according to the MLA Pre-Sale report Oct.2017, the sold rate was 75 percent. Compared to Oct.2018, the sold rate was only 41.1 percent.  

Some issues impact the real estate market such as interest rate, tight policy from the bank, and slow-moving house market which affect home buyer and investor’s confidence. 

December might be less active month. Some developers might hold their projects and sell them after the new year. However, there are still 1440 concrete units and 280 wood-frame units launches to the market – Brentwood,  Richmond and Vancouver West. 


大温地区楼花市场 – 温哥华楼花,本拿比楼花,素里楼花


这是一个繁忙的2018年秋季,回顾10月,有2,418个楼花预售单位推向市场; 11月份有1,298个单位; 12月份约1,724个单位2018年10月至12月,它可能是最繁忙的季度。共有5,400个单位发往大温哥华楼花市场(其中一些位于菲沙河谷地区)。过去4个月的吸收率约为40%。在一个缓慢的市场中,这个数字非常可观的。

2018年,我们检查一下大温哥华楼花预售的状态。从1月份的高峰 (售出率高达94.1%) – 11月份的售出率下降到37.5%。一些问题会影响到房地产市场,如利率,银行紧缩政策以及影响购房者和投资者信心的房屋市场缓慢。

12月可能是一个不太活跃的月份。一些开发商可能会在新年之后才将其持有的项目出售。然而,仍有1440个水泥高层单帕文和280个木框架帕文投放在楼花市场 – 本拿比的Brentwood,列治文和温哥华西区。