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{:en}Vancouver Housing Market Status 2020 - Forecast{:}{:zh}温哥华房价预测2020 | 温哥华楼市 | 温哥华楼房市场走势{:}


Vancouver Housing Market Status 2020 – Forecast

How was the Housing Market doing in 2019? Priced dropped, sales go up

Vancouver Housing Market Status 2020 – Forecast: Vancouver housing market seems to recover quicker than what we expected.

We’ve seen the market was not moving fast in the early of 2019; however, it quickly picks up at the end of the year. Especially from Oct-Dec 2019; usually, these 3 months were not the peak. Thanks to the mortgage rate and the listing prices, more and more potential buyers have jumped into the market in last fall.

In Vancouver’s housing market, still, the whole bunch of potential buyers (deal makers, 1st home buyers, and some investors) want to get their homes. As properties prices dropped, they become motivated.

At the same time, the combination of low-interest rates, strong levels of hiring and population gains are underpinning housing demand within B.C. Although economic growth slows this year to about a two per cent pace, with drag coming from exports and consumer demand, GDP growth is forecast to remain modest over the coming years, led by major project investment and other non-residential construction.

The last quarter home sales really upward sales momentum will likely continue into 2020?

Maybe. Before we discuss that, let’s take a look at the rental market in the Greater Vancouver area. In the rental market, rising price trends over the past 10 years, because of insufficient construction of the purpose-built rental building. Even a growing population and economy continue to underpin a tight rental market despite rising rental construction trends in recent years.

It is a bit of ridiculous when you seeking an apartment unit to rent – usually, the rental rate is around $1400-$1800 for 1 bedroom unit depends on the location. The rental cost is almost enough to cover your mortgage. Just of the stress test, which is the biggest barrier for 1st time home buyers.

New BC Assessment 2020

The BC assessment of 2020 had appraised all properties prices down 8-15%. Which is a good sign for buyers; however, it really depends on the sellers and how the listing agent to convince their clients to lower the home price even more to sell. It might take up to 2-3 months for sellers to face reality if their houses/condo is not getting any offers – let’s keep an eye on this.

The chart below is from 温哥华房价2020预测_Central 1’s BC Resale Market Forecast 2020.

温哥华房价2020预测 - 中间价




温哥华房价预测2020 | 温哥华楼市 | 温哥华楼房市场走势



我们已经看到市场在2019年初没有快速发展; 但是,它很快在年底恢复买卖成交量。特别是从2019年10月至12月; 通常,这三个月不是高峰期。得益于低的抵押贷款利率和挂牌价格,去年秋天越来越多的潜在买家进入了市场。





当您寻求租用公寓房时,这有点荒谬–通常,一居室公寓的租金约为$ 1400- $ 1800,具体取决于位置。租金几乎足以支付您的抵押贷款。只是压力测试,这是首次购房者的最大障碍。


BC省对2020年的物业评估表明,所有房产价格均下降了8-15%。对买家来说,这是一个好兆头;但是,这实际上取决于卖方,以及经纪们如何说服其客户降低房屋价格以出售更多房屋。如果他们的房屋/公寓未收到任何报价,卖方可能需要2-3个月才能面对现实。让我们留意这一点。不过到今天为止, 有大概10-18%的卖家都以低于BC评估的价格去上他们要卖的房屋了。 

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