Vancouver Housing Market Price Correction 楼市抄底

Vancouver Housing Market Price Correction 楼市抄底

Vancouver Housing Market Price Correction Starts?
温哥华楼市是否出现抄底状况? 买家是时候出手了?

Oct.02. 2018, Vancouver Real Estate Board used “More Supply and Less Demand” as the Title to report the stats of the real estate market in Vancouver.  But last year, using “Home buyer demand continues to differ based on housing type” as the Title. Actually, you don’t have to really look at the stats, only the titles can tell you how is the current housing market now.

The supply of homes for sale continued to increase across the Metro Vancouver* housing market in September while home buyer demand remained below typical levels for this time of year.

The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) reports that residential property sales in the region totaled 1,595 in September 2018, a 43.5 percent decrease from the 2,821 sales recorded in September 2017, and a 17.3 percent decrease compared to August 2018 when 1,929 homes sold.

Last month’s sales were 36.1 percent below the 10-year September sales average.

For all property types, the sales-to-active-listings ratio for September 2018 is 12.2 percent. By property type, the ratio is 7.8 percent for detached homes, 14 percent for townhomes, and 17.6 percent for condominiums.

It might have a price correction in BC. The last house price correction of more than 15% in British Columbia’s largest city occurred in 1981.



大温哥华房地产委员会(REBGV)报告称,2018年9月该地区的住宅销售总量为1,595,比2017年9月的2,821销售下降43.5%,与2018年8月销售1,929套房屋相比减少17.3% 。



在BC省可能会出现房屋价格调整。 BC省最大城市的上一次房价调整超过15%, 在1981年。

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