Things to prepare when buying a home / 购买房屋事前准备

Things to prepare when buying a home / 购买房屋事前准备

Things to prepare when buying a home

Finally, you save enough money for your downpayment, you almost reach your goal; you are ready to hunt. Before you purchase a new home, do the following preparation:

  1.  Talk to your lenders – they could be banks, insurance companies, and credit union…… Get pre-approval first, with the pre-approval from your lender, you can lock the interest rate 60-120 days.
  2. Being more objective – do not make a quick decision on the 1st impression of a house/apartment. Do not let your “favorite” to affect your judgment. Investigate more on the house/apartment you like before you make the offer.
  3. Home inspection – do not 100% rely on PDS; do not 100% trust the seller and his/her agent. Do your own homework to investigate more; work with your realtor to find out more on the property you are interested in.  Hire a home inspector to check everything before the deal close.
  4. Knowing your obligation – work with your realtor, or seek some legal advice; find out what clauses in the contract can protect your right.
  5. Market analysis – ask your realtor provide you a market analysis – how many houses/apartment sold in this area? What makes this house/apartment unique? Is this unit under or over value? Any other similar property available in this area?……
  6. Neighborhood – talk to the neighbors; are they friendly? Ask around: is this area safe, any stolen, crime rate? Any supermarket, school, community center around???
  7. Work on Asking Price – hire an experienced realtor, work with him – develop the strategies for negotiating.


  1. 先找房屋贷款 – 他们可能是银行,保险公司和信托公司等等……先获取他们预先批准贷款,锁定利率; 这意味着他们会给你60-120天时间去找房。
  2. 更客观点 – 不要做一个快择;不要给第一印象给蒙骗; 要站在第三者角度去看房-客观。  不要让你的“最爱”影响你的判断力- 比如, “哇, 这个墙的颜色是我粉红, 我的最爱, 买吧。” 在你下Offer之前,请你对你的新家多做了解。
  3. 房屋检查 – 不要100%依赖PDS; 不要100%信任卖家和他/她的经纪。你问他们; 什么都没有问题, 买了之后, 什么都是自己的问题了。 聘请专业的房屋检验师, 进行验房; 在交易结束前检查好一切; 该加什么进合同, 就加上去, 保障自己的权益。
  4. 了解你的义务和权益 – 向你的经纪多了解下,或寻求一些法律建议; 找出合同法里面有哪些条款可以保护您的权利。
  5. 市场分析 – 叫你的经纪调市场分析报告出来 – 了解一下在这个地区有多少正在卖的房屋/公寓?是什么让这个显得那么独一无二?这个单位的叫价是低于还是高于市场水平?在同一地段还有什么类似的房子在卖?……
  6. 邻里 – 自己开车去看看, 与未来邻居套套近乎; 他们友善吗?问问周边:这个地区是否安全,被盗多不多,犯罪率如何?有超市,学校,社区中心等配套吗?
  7. 谈判 – 聘请经验丰富的房地产经纪,与他一起 – 制定谈判策略。

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