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Following with River Road, all the way down to No.1 road, Terra Nova is the best residential area in Richmond. The view from Terra Nova is another of the major features of this area. The Terra Nova view has a particular association with this area as it could not occur anywhere else. With the flat topography of the delta, this peninsula of land has a view in almost all directions and has a foreground, middle ground, and background. The view is significant in the meaning that it has had for people over time.

沿着River Road,一直到1号公路,Terra Nova是列治文最好的住宅区。Terra Nova的景色是该地区的另一个主要特色。 Terra Nova视图与该区域有特定关联,因为它在其他任何地方都不会发生。凭借三角洲的平坦地形,这片半岛的土地几乎可以看到所有方向,并且有前景,中间地面和背景。这个观点具有重要意义,因为它随着时间的推移已经为人们带来了。

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