Surrey Monthly Real Estate Stats Nov.2018 素里地产

Surrey Monthly Real Estate Stats Nov.2018 素里地产

Surrey (Fraser Valley) Monthly Real Estate Stats Nov.2018 素里地产

Three words to describe Surrey and Fraser Valley real estate stats in Nov.2018 – quiet, quiet, and quiet. Last month, Surrey’s market continues to present in slow pace; however, the home sales were on par with the historical average.

According to the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board data; there 1,028 homes were sold in Nov.2018. 41% decrease compared to Nov.2017, and 11 percent decrease compared to Oct.2018.  Let’s dig a bit deeper, look back to Nov. 2014-2016. In Nov.2014 – 1,136 homes sold; in Nov.2015 – 1,766 homes sold; in Nov.2016 – 1,247 homes sold.

Homes Sold in Fraser Valley: 

  • 383 houses sold
  • 241 townhouses sold
  • 286 condo/apartment sold

Only 1,028 homes sold? It is even lower than 2014’s level. Yes, it is. Market demand becomes less and more MLS inventory that harms the market. However, the slow market is good for home buyers; they have more choices, more time to make the decision; and greater bargaining power. To home sellers, they need to work very closely with their realtors by knowing what is the market trend, implementing a new marketing strategy to promote their listings……

Home sellers not to worry too much, choosing the right realtor and work closely with them – they can always find a path to elevate your home’s value and sell it to potential buyers even in a slow market.

HPI Benchmark Price in Fraser Valley Areas (Surrey, Whiterock, Delta North, Langley, Mission, and Abbotsford): 

  • House: $976,200, 1.1% decreased compare to Oct.2018
  • Townhouse: $532,800 1% decreased compare to Oct.2018
  • Condo and Apartment: $422,500, decreased 2.4% compared to Oct.2018

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Surrey (Fraser Valley) Monthly Real Estate Stats Nov.2018 素里和菲莎河谷具体月报


在2018年11月描述素里和菲沙河谷房地产统计数据的三个关键字 – 静,静,静。上个月,素里的市场继续呈现缓慢; 然而,房屋销售与历史平均水平差不多。

根据菲沙河谷房地产委员会的数据;在2018年11月,有1,028套房屋被售出。与2017年11月相比下降41%,与2018年10月相比下降11%。让我们深入挖掘一下,回顾一下2014-2016年11月。 2014年11月 – 售出1,136套房屋; 在2015年11月 – 1,766套房屋出售; 2016年11月 – 共售出1,247套房屋。


  1. 售出383套独立房屋
  2. 售出241栋联排别墅
  3. 售出286间公寓


不过房屋销售商和房东不必过于担心,选择合适的房地产经纪人并与他们密切合作 – 他们总能找到一条途径来提升房屋的价值,并将其出售给潜在的买家,即使在市场缓慢的情况下也是如此。


  • 独立屋基准价格:976,200加元,与2018年10月相比下降1.1%
  • 联排别墅基准价格:532,800加元,与2018年10月相比下降1%
  • 公寓基准价格:422,500加元,与2018年10月相比下降了2.4%