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Steveston South Richmond MLS Listings – all the way down No.1 and No.2 road. No matter how picky you are, you are going to love this living environment. Only 15-20 minutes walk distance to Steveston Village – bars, coffee shops, grocery, restaurants – anything you need for living. Perhaps, if you are a seafood lover, you can easily purchase fresh seafood in Steveston Village. In these days, real estate developers are going to build more townhomes and condos in Steveston South. If you a sporter, the Steveston community can fulfill your needs, basketball, table tennis, Gym……

Steveston South – 沿着1号和2号路向下行驶。无论你有多挑剔,你都会喜欢这种生活环境;步行15至20分钟即可到达Steveston Village – 酒吧,咖啡馆,杂货店,餐馆 – 生活所需的一切。也许,如果您是海鲜爱好者,您可以轻松地在Steveston Village购买新鲜的海鲜。最近,房地产开发商将在Steveston South建造更多的联排别墅和公寓。

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