Richmond Steveston North MLS Listings Real Estate For Sale 列治文房源列表

Steveston North, quiet environment, connect with Steveston South. 15 mins drive to Richmond Center. Unlike Brighouse, you will not find too many high rise building in this community, people are much more friendly. If you wish not to live in a population intensive area, Steveston North is one of the best community in Richmond. In Richmond Steveston North MLS Listings page, most of the listings are townhomes and houses for sale. Any apartment available, of course, yes. However, compared to house and townhouse listings, only a few apartment listings. Looking for more MLS listings Richmond?

Steveston North,环境安静,与Steveston South相连。 15分钟车程到列治文中心。与Brighouse不同,你不会在这个社区找到太多的高层建筑,邻居非常友善。如果您不想住在人口密集区,Steveston North是里士满最好的社区之一

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