Speculation and Vacancy tax Will Apply on Dec.31.2018

Speculation and Vacancy tax Will Apply on Dec.31.2018

Speculation and Vacancy For Housing/BC省投资空置税2018年12月31日生效

The provincial government of B.C has announced that Speculation and Vacancy Tax will be effective on Dec.31.2018.

Who will be affected by this new regulation? A homeowner that is not the primary residence and his/her home is not rented out at least 6 months of the year. However, there are some exception areas such as Abbotsford, Mission, Chilliwack, Lantzville, and Kelowna.

What will the tax rate?

  1. 0.5% for British Columbia residents who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents (and not members of a satellite family). B.C. residents are also eligible for up to a $2,000 tax credit against this tax, effectively exempting the first $400K in the value of the property from the tax.
  2. There is 1% for citizens and PR who are not live in BC.
  3. 2% for foreign buyers and satellite families which do not pay income tax in Canada.

Back to Feb.2018; a survey has indicated that 80% of British Columbian happy to see the speculation and vacancy tax finally launched in BC.

Why? Because of more and more people can’t afford to purchase a new home in Metro Vancouver. Eg: a newly graduated university student who is making $50,000/yr; deducting the tax; he/she will get $3,160/month. Regular expands is around $2,000/month, so he/she can save around $12,000/yr. If he/she wish to purchase a regular $320,000 condo in Surrey; he/she needs to save at least 6-7 years which is just barely enough to pay the downpayment.

Question Mark: are you able to make $50,000/yr; and are you able to save $12,000/year??? After we save that amount of money, will the real estate market goes up again???

Let’s take a look at the current real estate market. Back in 2014; a new 1*bedroom condo for sale in Surrey is $118,000 – $138,000, but now sell for $349,000; the condo price has increased more than 250%. There are too many people wish to have their 1st home in BC; they really want the government to help them out. The Speculation and Vacancy Tax might be a barrier for the small investors. But for big investors – they will not care – they know the properties value increase at least 8-10%/year, the vacant tax is only 3.5%.



谁将受到这项新规定的影响?房东 – 不在此物业居住或6个月都没有出租出去过的空置房。但是这个政策也有某些例外的地区,如Abbotsford,Mission,Chilliwack,Lantzville和Kelowna。


  1. 0.5% – BC省居民或加拿大永久居民(而非太空家庭成员)。BC居民也有资格获得高达2000的税收抵免,这项税收有效免除了该物业的第一个40万的税收。
  2. 1% -不住在卑诗省的公民和公关人员的。
  3. 2% – 不缴纳所得税的外国买家和太空家庭。


为什么?因为越来越多的人买不起大温哥华的新家。例如:刚毕业的大学生每年能赚5万工资; 扣除税款;他/她每月拿到手的是大概3,160。固定支出每月约2,000,那他/她可以储存12,000/年。如果他/她想在素里购买一套价值320,000的普通公寓;他/她需要存至少6 – 7年的钱,这可能才刚刚够交首付。问题来了:你能赚到5万一年吗; 你一年能节省12,000??? 我们节省了这笔钱之后,房地产市场会不会再次上涨?

让我们来看看现在的房地产市场。早在2014年; 在素里新的一卧室 公寓就是118,000 – 138,000,但现在售价为349,000; 公寓价格上涨超过250%。有太多人希望在卑诗省拥有他们的第一个家; 他们真的希望政府帮助他们。投机和空置税可能是小投资者的一个障碍吧。

但对于大投资者 - 他们不会在乎 - 他们知道房产价值至少增加8-10%/年,空置税仅为3.5%。

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