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Selling your house or condos will never be easy – clauses, time, marketing, and negotiation.

Selling your house 温哥华房东卖房

One Step Ahead of Selling…your house, condos or townhouses in Vancouver

Once you have hired us as your realtor. We are going to achieve your goal and the next. Our experienced realtors ensure to sell your home with the highest possible price and within your time limited.  Check below for Why. 一旦你聘請我們作為你的房地產經紀人。我們將實現您現在的目標和下一個目標。我們經驗豐富的房地產經紀人確保以最高的價格和您的時間限制出售您的房屋。讓我們看看爲什麽。

Online Marketing can really help you to sell your home在線營銷可以真正幫助您出售您的物業

House For Sale Richmond MLS Listings
  • Promote your home on 谷歌加拿大
  • Article Submission to the local news network 本地網上媒體
  • Different platform such as Wechat, Facebook, Youtube, Bing, Yahoo
  • Email Marketing through our database 電郵宣傳

Transitional Marketing – MLS Listings, Flyers and Newspapers綫下營銷 – MLS房源列表,傳單和報紙雜志

Real Estate Burnaby MLS Listings
  • MLS Listing Vancouver – 溫哥華房源信息
  • Local newspapers: Vancouver Suns, Province, MingPao…溫哥華太陽報,明報,星島
  • Flyers 傳單
  • Open Houses 房屋開發日

Right Price To Attract Quality Buyers – 賣房子的訂價

Price is the key to the sale of your home successfully. Our Realtors will provide you a marketing report for your reference, helping you to make the right decision at the right time. A combination of online marketing strategy and traditional marketing ensure that we can attract more and more qualified buyers.  As a rule of thumb, more exposures, more leads, more offers – higher selling price.
價格是成功出售房屋的關鍵。我們的房地產經紀人將為您提供及時的房地產市場動態報告供您參考,幫助您在合適的時間做出正確的決定。將在線營銷策略與傳統營銷相結合,確保我們能夠吸引越來越多的合格買家。根據經驗,更多的曝光,更多的人來看房,會帶來更多的出價 – 更高的銷售價格。