Sell Your Home on April | 四月是賣房屋最好時機

Sell Your Home on April | 四月是賣房屋最好時機

Sell Your Home on April | 四月是賣房屋最好時機

The best time to sell your home is on each year’s April | 每年的四月十賣房的最好時機

Sell Your Home on April | 四月是賣房屋最好時機: Is that true??? Probably yes. Usually, when you get your home listed on 1st week of April, you will probably get 14% more online views and sell your homes 6 days faster on average than the rest of the year. Furthermore, more buyers will jump into the market in April but MLS listings Vancouver doesn’t peak until the end of April or May, so home sellers might get less competition. Plus, the average rate on the 30-year fixed mortgage has fallen more than a quarter of a percentage point in the last week.

Timing, timing, timing; good time to sell is extremely important in the real estate market. If you are a home seller and want to sell your home at a higher price in a shorter period of time, you’d take some action now.

According to the most recent home selling price data, the homes sold in April are priced 6% higher than homes sold in Jan.  For example, if your apartment listing price is $600,000; you can probably list it around $633,000 in April.

Given the time it takes from listing to close, putting a home on the market in early April positions sellers to attract buyers seeking to close and move before the beginning of school year,  said Danielle Hale, chief economist for

Theoretically speaking, the average home listing price in June is higher than April; however,  it will have more home listings during the summer and fewer buyers (people might go for vacations). Homes listed in June are 1 percent more likely to see a price reduction and garner 2 percent fewer online views on average than the rest of the year.

According to, the best time to list your home to sell in New York, Chicago, and Dallas is on March.31.  For Atlanta and Seattle, it’s on April 7. How about Vancouver, when it is the best time to list your home to sell in Vancouver???


四月是賣房屋最好時機:這是真的嗎??? 極有可能是。通常情況下,當您在4月的第一周挂牌時,您的在線觀看次數可能會增加14%,平均售出時間比其他時間快6天。此外,更多的買家將在4月份進入市場,但溫哥華MLS房源直到4月底或5月才達到高峰期,因此賣家的競爭可能會減少。此外,30年期固定貸款的平均利率在上週下降了。


根據最新的房屋銷售價格數據,4月份售出的房屋價格比1月份售出的房屋高6%。舉例説明,如果您的公寓房價為600,000; 你可以在4月份將它的價格提高到633,000左右。

備注: realtor.com考慮的是平均價格,並沒有考慮一年中不同時間的待售房屋類型。更大,更貴的房屋往往會在春季上市,因為通常來説人們都喜歡在學校假期期間搬家。

Realtor.com房地產網首席經濟學家Danielle Hale說:“考慮到從挂牌到收盤所需的時間,4月初將房屋推出市場會讓賣家吸引尋求在學年開始之前就想搬家並進入名校的家長買家。”

理論上講,6月份的平均房價高於4月; 然而,它將在夏季有更多的房屋挂牌和更少的買家(人們可能會去度假)。 6月份上市房屋的價格可能會平均降價1%,在線觀看次數比其他時間段少2%。



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