{:en}Realtor's Tips - Top 5 affordable furniture stores in Vancouver{:}{:zh}地产经纪建议: 温哥华5家便宜家私公司{:}

{:en}Realtor's Tips - Top 5 affordable furniture stores in Vancouver{:}{:zh}地产经纪建议: 温哥华5家便宜家私公司{:}


Realtor’s Tips Top 5 affordable furniture stores in Vancouver


Realtor’s Tips: Planning on moving into a new pad or refreshing your condo? There’s plenty of options to shop from when it comes to furnishing your house in Vancouver.

One of the most common requests from our clients is having in-stock furniture that does not require 2-4 months wait. And of course, it all comes down to budget. Here’s the top 5 furniture store picks from our designers!


1.Crate and Barrel /CB2 (sisters store)


Oakridge Centre 650 West 41st Avenue, Vancouver

1277 Robson St, Vancouver

Crate and barrel have a more timeless design that fits both traditional and contemporary homes. While cb2 caters to more hip and modern spaces. Generally 2-4 weeks ETA for in-stock items and fabric. Or maybe some unique finds in their floor sample section where you can get it right away!


2.West elm

New York was born furniture and accessories store signature for their mid-century modern style. They have a great selection for the young generation! 2-6 weeks ETA, or they have some great finds in their floor sample section as well!

Address: 2947 Granville Street, Vancouver


3.Home sense

HomeSense is an off-price retailer with a variety of brands, styles, and prices 20-60% lower than retail stores. You never know what you will expect because their selection changes frequently and are mostly one of a kind! You may need an eye of a designer to shop here or you can be overwhelmed by all the different selections!

Various location in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby…etc.



You can purchase some classic designer furniture without breaking your bank! Known for their amazing styles and low prices, Structube furniture can be cheaper than IKEA sometimes! 2-4 weeks ETA or again, try your luck for some floor sample furniture!


2401 Granville Street.Vancouver


5.Miix Interiors

Not being biased here, but come check out our modern, contemporary, classic furniture and accessories! It’s not your traditional furniture retail store, we offer staged floor sample furniture at low cost (usually sold below cost) and also new furniture collection at wholesale cost!


160-13268 worst ct, Richmond


地产经纪建议: 温哥华5家便宜家私公司

地产经纪建议: 温哥华5家便宜家私公司: 计划搬进新的房子或从新装修你的公寓?在温哥华装修您的房子时,有很多购物选择。 我们客户最常见的要求之一就是提供不需要2-4个月等待的库存家具。当然,这一切都归结为预算。设计师挑选的五大家具店!

  1. Crate and barrel /CB2 (sisters store) 地址: Oakridge Centre 650 West 41st Avenue。他们有很多设计,适合传统和现代家居。虽然cb2适合更时尚和现代的空间。一般2-4周到货用于库存商品和面料。或者也许在他们的地板样品部分有一些独特的发现,你可以立即把他们买下!
  2. West elm; 地址:2947 Granville Street。 他们的家具和配件商店以其中世纪的现代风格特色。他们为年轻一代提供了很多选择! 2-6周到货,或者他们去他们的样品间看看, 会发现很多卖的样品家私!
  3. Home sense: 地址: 很多分店。。HomeSense是一家低价零售商,品牌,款式和价格比零售店低20-60%。你永远不会知道你会期望什么,因为他们的选择经常变化,而且大多是独一无二的!您可能需要设计师的眼睛才能在这里购物,否则您可能会被所有不同的选择所震撼!
  4. Structube: 地址: 2401 Granville Street 您可以购买一些经典设计师家具而不会花您很多钱!以其惊人的风格和低廉的价格而闻名的Structube家具有时比宜家更便宜! 2-4周ETA,试试你的运气一些地板样品家具!
  5. Miix Interiors:地址:160-13268 worster ct, Richmond 这里这个一定要重点介绍,但请看看我们现代,现代,经典的家具和配件!这不是您的传统家具零售店,我们提供低成本的分阶段地板样品家具(通常以低于成本的价格出售)以及批发成本的新家具收藏!