Real Estate New Regulation 2018/温哥华地产新法例

Real Estate New Regulation 2018/温哥华地产新法例

Real Estate New Regulation 2018

New rules effective date: 15th.June.2018. What are the new rules??? And how can it help consumers???

Real Estate new rules protect the consumers more: disclose, disclose, and disclose – which prevent the agent acts for both a buyer and a seller in the same transaction. Eg: if the agent acts for buyer and seller at the same transaction – how to determine his loyalty to his clients (buyer & seller)????

Under the new rules, the licensee must:

  • licensee needs to provide more information about commissions and fees to the consumers —  in particular, how the commission is to be divided between a listing brokerage and cooperating brokerage, or when there is no cooperating brokerage, retained by the listing brokerage……
  • the rule ask the licensee to inform them of the duties and responsibilities owed to clients and unrepresented parties before working with consumers/potential customer;
  • if the consumer refuses to sign; the licensee need to inform unrepresented consumers of the risks of dealing with a licensee who is representing another party to the transaction;
  • the licensee can only work for either the buyer or the seller in a single real estate transaction. Under the new Rules, dual agency, the practice of acting on behalf of both the buyer and seller on the same trade, will be prohibited except in extremely limited circumstances.

Therefore, there is no more Working with a Realtor Form to sign, instead of Privacy Notice and Consent and Know your Options as a Real Estate Consumer. These 2 forms will replace WWAR.


温哥华房地产新规则更能保护消费者:披露,披露和披露 – 防止代理人在同一交易中同时代表买方和卖方进行交易。例如:如果经纪在交易中同时代表买方和卖方 – 在经纪知道卖家最高出价和卖家底价时;你如何确定他对客户(买方和卖方)的忠诚?行为操守和钱, 大部分人会选择后者。 

新规定大大改进了旧的这一个毛病。 根据新规定,被许可人必须:

  • 向消费者提供更多关于佣金的信息 – 特别是佣金如何分配,买家经纪, 卖家经纪……
  • 该规定要求地产经纪在与消费者或潜在客户打交道之前一定要向他们清楚说明/解释清楚;客户关系与消费者之间的责任和义务;(主要是客户与消费者之间的区别)
  • 如果消费者拒绝签解释文件; 经纪需要解说在没有经纪情况底下, 消费者会遇到风险。。。。。 
  • 一个经纪只可以代表一方 – 不能同时代表卖家与买家。根据新规则,双重代理,除非在极其有限的情况下,否则将禁止同一经纪代表买卖双方进行同一交易。

因此,从6月15日开始,没有Working with a Realtor了,取而代之的是隐私同意声明,Know your Options as a Real Estate Consumer (房产消费者须知)

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