Real Estate Market Update June 2018 - 房地產市場走勢

Real Estate Market Update June 2018 - 房地產市場走勢

Real Estate Market Update June 2018

Today’s news, June’s sales were 28.7% below 10 years June sales average – supply kept growing as the demand drop down.

In June.2018, there are 2,425 residential home sales which are 37.7%  decline from last year, and 14.4% down compare to May.2018 – The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver reports.

Why market slows down??? “Rising interest rates, high prices, and restrictive mortgage requirements are among the factors dampening home buyer activity today.” said Phil Moore (REBGV president).

Eg: In June.2018;  Metro Vancouver, there were 5,279 detached, attached and apartment properties newly listed for sale on the MLS®. This represents a 7.7 % decrease compared to the 5,721 homes listed in June 2017.

In Vancouver, there are 11,947 listings in June, compared to June.2017 – only 8,515 – 40% increased.

So is that a good time to purchase our home now? Nobody knows, some people will see it as a good time, some don’t. It just like the stock market, when is decelerating, some people will purchase more, and some would be scared to get into it.


溫哥華房屋價格走勢2018 – 溫哥華買房賣房網

今天最新消息,6月份的房地產銷售額低於10年來的6月平均銷售下降28.7% – 需求下降,供應量持續增加。

根據大溫哥華房地產委員會報告, 2018年6月,售出2425房屋,比去年下降37.7%,也比2018年5月下降14.4% 。

為什麼市場放緩??? “利率上升,高房價和限制性貸款要求是阻礙今日購房者活動的因素之一。” Phil Moore(REBGV總裁)說。

在溫哥華,6月份共有11,947個房源,與2017年6月相比 – 僅有8,515 – 足足多了40%的房源。 那麼現在是購買我們家的好時機嗎?沒有人知道,有些人會認為這是一個好時機,有些人則不會。就像股票市場一樣,當股票低迷,有些人會趁低吸納,有些人會害怕低處未見低。

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