Sparrow Chinatown Pre-Sale Condo 温哥华楼花

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Sparrow Chinatown Pre-Sale Condo 温哥华楼花

Sparrow Chinatown Pre-sale Condo温哥华楼花 – Designated as a National Historic Site in 2011, Vancouver’s Chinatown is one of the city’s first neighborhoods, emerging in 1886. The neighborhood today is distinguished by a unique style blending Chinese and Western architecture.

While still known for the vibrant, colorful shops and retailers historically associated with the area, this unique community has grown to include many new retail concepts, design studios, art galleries, cafes and nightlife, and some of the most exciting new restaurants in the city.

. Wall mounted vanity with storage
. Silestone Callacutta matte quartz countertops with integrated sink
. BLU Italian engineered stone vanity top
. Electric mirror with soft surround LED lighting
. Built-in tile ledge shelf for your daily convenience
. Rain shower head & hand shower
. An integrated shower curtain system
. Large format 12”x 24” porcelain wall & floor tile

. Courtyard outdoor garden
. Rooftop patio with stunning views of downtown & North Shore mountains
. Car elevator
. Bike storage lockers
. Shared indoor amenity room

Commitment from Developer: 

Rendition Developments’ portfolio includes a diverse selection of projects focused on Vancouver’s East Side, all of which are united under a commitment to quality, innovation and an exceptional experience for their end users.

Whether it is the revitalization of historic Strathcona homes, dedicated residential rental on Main Street,
combined office and manufacturing spaces in Mount Pleasant, or catering to the new wave of makers in Railtown’s vibrant, creative community, the goal for Rendition has always been to seek out creative
challenges and answer them with a finished product that they are proud to call their own.

Please contact us for the floorplan.


温哥华楼花 – 2011年被指定为国家历史遗址,温哥华的唐人街是该市最早的社区之一,于1886年兴起。今天的社区以独特的风格融合中西建筑而闻名。 虽然这个独特的社区仍然以与该地区历史相关的充满活力,色彩缤纷的商店和零售商而闻名,但已经发展成为包括许多新的零售概念,设计工作室,艺术画廊,咖啡馆和夜生活以及该市最令人兴奋的新型餐厅。

浴室 : 壁挂式梳妆台带储物 。 Silestone Callacutta哑光石英台面,带集成水槽 。 BLU意大利人造石头洗手盆台面 。带有柔和环绕LED照明的电动镜 。内置瓷砖架,为您的日常便利 。淋浴喷头和手持花洒 。一体式浴帘系统 。大尺寸12“x 24”瓷墙和地砖 善意 。庭院室外花园 。屋顶露台享有市中心和北岸山脉的壮丽景色 。汽车电梯 。自行车存放储物柜 。共用室内休息室等等等等。


Rendition Developments的产品组合包括以温哥华东区为重点的多种项目,所有这些项目都致力于为最终用户提供质量,创新和卓越体验。 无论是振兴历史悠久的Strathcona住宅,还是主街上的专用住宅租赁, 在Mount Pleasant结合办公和制造空间,或迎合Railtown充满活力的创意社区的新一波制造商,Rendition的目标一直是寻求创意 挑战并用他们自豪地称之为成品的成品回答他们。

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239 Keefer St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1X6, Canada


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