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Richmond Pre-Sale Townhouse Jasmine 列治文联排别墅楼花

Richmond Pre-Sale Townhouse  – Jasmine is a refined collection of twenty-three luxurious air-conditioned parkside townhomes neighboring a serene twelve-acre natural park. As the final phase of The Gardens, a master-planned urban village in a sought-after South Richmond neighborhood, these two- and three-bedroom homes span across two- or three-stories, offering spacious interiors for a comfortable modern living. Expansive rooftop terraces in some homes provide a seamless integration between indoor and outdoor spaces, perfect for both relaxing and entertaining. The effortless elegance of these modern townhomes perfectly complements the surrounding natural beauty of the adjacent park.

Jasmine是一个精致的集合,拥有23个豪华的空调公园小屋,毗邻一个占地12英亩的宁静自然公园。作为The Gardens的最后阶段,这是一个总体规划的城市村庄,位于受欢迎的South Richmond社区,这些两居室和三居室的住宅跨越两层或三层楼,提供宽敞的内部空间,让您享受舒适的现代生活。部分住宅的宽敞屋顶露台提供室内和室外空间的无缝融合,非常适合放松和娱乐。这些现代化联排别墅的轻松优雅与周围公园的周围自然美景完美融合。

Jasmine at The Gardens’ convenient and highly accessible location is only one factor that contributes to the elevated lifestyle you’ll experience living here. The rest comes down to design. Every element, whether it’s flooring finishes, window sizes, and orientations, shower niches or kitchen layouts, everything has been thoughtfully planned and meticulously designed, ensuring comfortable living. With stunning exteriors and exquisite interiors, coming home has never been more inviting. 茉莉花园位于The Gardens酒店便利且交通便利的位置,这只是促成您在这里生活的高尚生活方式的一个因素。其余的归结为设计。每一个元素,无论是地板饰面,窗户尺寸,方向,淋浴间或厨房布局,一切都经过精心策划和精心设计,确保舒适的生活。令人惊叹的外观和精致的内饰,回家从未如此吸引人。



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10800 No 5 Rd, Richmond, BC V7A 4E5, Canada
1573.00 ft²
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