Richmond Brighouse Condos MLS® Listings 列治文中心房源

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Richmond Brighouse Condos MLS® Listings 列治文中心房源

Richmond Bridghouse is not just a name of Skytrain station, but also the heart of Richmond. High rise building can be found everywhere in this area. Why? Because of the population growth – new Chinese immigrant and international students love to choose this location to live due to the convenience of shopping and eating.  For investors, one of hottest place for buying and selling condos in Metro Vancouver.

Richmond Bridghouse不仅仅是天车站的名字,也是列治文的心脏地带。这个区域到处都是高层林立。为什么?由于人口增长 – 中国新移民和国际学生喜欢选择这个地方,因为购物和饮食的便利。对于投资者来说,这里也是温哥华地区购买和出售公寓的最热门地点之一。

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