Montreal Victoria Condos For Sale 满地可豪华公寓楼花

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Montreal Victoria Condos For Sale 满地可豪华公寓楼花

Montreal Victoria Condos For Sale 满地可豪华公寓楼花: The city of Montreal is at a turning point. The metropolis is finally ready to claim its status as a world-class city, to proclaim its uniqueness loudly and clearly, to reveal itself to the whole world in all its flourishing glory.

It is in this context that the Broccolini family chose to showcase their three generations of construction know-how and to manifest their deep connection to the city that has seen them thrive and grow, by building one of the most important landmarks of Montreal’s renaissance: Victoria sur le Parc. Their aspiration is to offer the metropolis a powerful new icon, a symbol of unity and community rising up above the clouds.

Victoria sur le Parc is not just another condo project, it is “living space” redefined, brought to life by its exceptional surroundings. It is the new point of convergence, harnessing the energy of the downtown core, the culture of Old Montreal and the prosperity of the business district to create a new neighbourhood so strong and so magnetic that it will redefine the very heart of the city.

Victoria sur le Parc is the embodiment of balance. Between moderation and excess, it is a glass beacon rooted in the heart of green space, a 200-meter-high tower built on a human scale. Victoria sur le Parc is an ecosystem where you can live, work and play in one place, where the spaces have been designed to open minds and make borders disappear, where everything is fluid and interconnected, a reflection of Montreal’s unique energy.


正是在这种背景下,Broccolini家族选择展示他们的三代建筑专业知识,并通过建造蒙特利尔文艺复兴时期最重要的地标之一,展示他们与城市的渊源和成长的深层联系:维多利亚sur le Parc。他们的愿望是为大都市提供一个强大的新标志,一个统一的象征和社区在云层之上崛起。

Victoria sur le Parc不仅仅是另一个公寓项目,它重新定义了“生活空间”,以其独特的环境赋予生命。这是新的融合点,利用市中心的能量,旧蒙特利尔的文化和商业区的繁荣,创造一个如此强大和磁性的新社区,它将重新定义城市的核心。

Victoria sur le Parc是平衡的体现。在适度和过度之间,它是一个植根于绿色空间中心的玻璃灯塔,一座200米高的人体建筑塔楼。维多利亚sur le Parc是一个生态系统,您可以在一个地方生活,工作和娱乐,其中空间被设计为开放思想并使边界消失,一切都是流动和相互联系的,反映了蒙特利尔独特的能量。

Automne 2023 | Fall 2023

Taxes municipales de la ville de Montréal / Arrondissement Ville-
Marie – Taux de base : 0.8094 $ / 100.00 $ / évaluation.

Taxes scolaires : 0.17832 $ / 100.00 $ / évaluation
Municipal taxes for the City of Montreal / Borough Ville-Marie
Base rate: $0.8143 / $100.00 of the evaluation.
School taxes: $0.17832 / $100.00 of the evaluation.

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700 Rue Saint-Jacques, Montréal, QC H8R, Canada


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