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Enjoy the ocean view. Lower Lonsdale is a historic waterfront neighborhood in the city of North Vancouver. Lower Lonsdale runs up Lonsdale Avenue from Lonsdale Quay to Keith Road – ferry crossings connecting the area to Downtown Vancouver – only 15mins. Lower Lonsdale is currently going through large waterfront renewal processes. The old shipyards are being torn down, making way for new public spaces, condominiums, retail outlets, and a hotel. Quiet living environment and friendly neighbors – this is North Vancouver.

Lower Lonsdale是北温哥华市历史悠久的海滨社区。下朗斯代尔(Lonsdale)从朗斯代尔码头(Lonsdale Quay)到基思路(Keith Road)经营朗斯代尔大道(Lonsdale Avenue) – 连接该地区和温哥华市中心的渡口。 Lower Lonsdale目前正在进行大型海滨更新过程。旧造船厂正在拆除,为新的公共空间,公寓,零售店和酒店腾出空间。

想去DT其实坐ferry只需要15分钟。 那边韩国人比较多, 环境比较安静。 现在建立起形形色色的商圈, 中国人社区也慢慢活跃起来。 喜欢宁静优雅生活的朋友可以考虑一下在北温居住。

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