Fifteen Fifteen Pre-Sale Bosa Vancouver 温哥华市中心楼花

Property Description

Fifteen Fifteen Pre-Sale Bosa Vancouver 温哥华市中心楼花

温哥华市中心楼花: The design by architect Ole Scheeren for a landmark residential tower at 1500 West Georgia St. in prestige Coal Harbour downtown Vancouver.  The building features horizontal elements jutting out. The development is by partners Bosa Properties and Kingswood Properties. Handout: Buro Ole Scheeren.  由名建筑师Ole Scheeren设计的一座标志性住宅大楼位于1500 West Georgia 街,位于温哥华市中心。该建筑采用突出的水平元素。该开发项目由合作伙伴Bosa Properties和Kingswood Properties负责。

The design of 1500 West Georgia exemplifies our ambition to reconnect architecture with the natural and civic environment and opens the inert shaft of the tower to embrace both city and nature in a three-dimensional sculpture. Our proposed design presents a future vision for vertical living that reaches out to engage the space of the city at this meaningful gateway site.设计体现了我们将建筑与自然和城市环境重新连接起来的雄心壮志,并打开了塔的惰性竖井,在三维雕塑中融合了城市和自然。我们提出的设计提出了垂直生活的未来愿景,可以在这个有意义的门户网站上与城市空间交流。

Detail: 详情:

  • 4,020 m2 lot bounded by West Georgia Street, Nicola Street, Alberni Street, and Cardero
  • Gross Floor Area: approximately 25,716 m2 (276,800 sq.ft.) 总面积25,716方
  • 40 residential floors (including 2 ground levels); 6 basement floors 40层高,包括6层地下室
  • Residences – 195 Units 共195个单位
  • 340 Parking Stalls – spread over 7 levels 7层停车,共340个停车位
  • Plan to achieve LEED Platinum 符合最新环保顶级配置
  • Architect Buro Ole Scheeren 知名设计师
  • Develope by Bosa Properties and Kingswood Properties 名建筑商


Price, and floorplan for Fifteen Fifteen Pre-sale楼花的具体价格和单位平面图

This pre-sale is currently in its pre-construction phase. The price is not coming out yet. For serious home buyers and investors who can sign up now to our VIP list for priority access to Fifteen Fifteen updates. 目前开发商正在筹备中, 如果感兴趣的买家可以订阅或联系我们, 我们会第一时间给您更多的资料。

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    1500 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6G 2Z6, Canada


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