Preparation for 1st time home seller/给第一次卖房房东的建议

Preparation for 1st time home seller/给第一次卖房房东的建议

Preparation for 1st time home seller – House for Sale Vancouver
给第一次卖房房东的建议- 溫哥華賣房

Unlike 1st time home buyer, usually, home seller choose to sell their home cause job transfer, home is too small, purchase error – they want to rectify the mistake……

Here are some of the tips for 1st time home sellers:

Choose your realtor:
Please do not choose your family relatives or close friends; eg: cousin, sister in law……They would not work hard for you. Sometimes, the relationship makes the transaction more complicated.

Knowing your selling price:
Your agent will analyze the market price with you. However, you should step up and let the experience agent educate you – knowing the value of your property, thus, set a comparative market price.

Ask your realtor for advice:
Imagine this, if you are the buyer, what do you want to buy – a neat clean new home. Most of the homes show better with half of furniture/unused items remove.

Do some new painting on the wall will help as well.

Home showing should be Flexible
Always let the buyer agent tour his/her client in peace without any interference. Leave your house when there are potential buyer visiting.

Ask your realtor how he/she is going to promote your house
Know more about their marketing strategy: eg; MLS, google/yahoo/bing, social media, youtube……
Note: Before doing marketing, your realtor should hire a professional photographer.

Check your listing online
Review all information about your home is correct; if it is not; contact your agent to amend.
Using different keywords to check your selling listing online, see how many links your listings have been built; eg: 27×6 E 99th ave for sale.

在溫哥華賣房應該注意事項 – 溫哥華房房地產網




您的代理商将与您分析市场价格。但是,您也应该自己去简单了解一下行情 – 最了解你的物业的还是你自己 – 有什么卖点, 有什么附加价值。

想象一下,如果你是买家,你去到一个Open house, 你最想见到的是什么 – 一个干净而整洁的新家。大部分卖家会清除一半的家具和没有用的东西, 让房子看起来更整洁。

大多数买家经纪都想在一个安静的环境下看房,不想受任何干扰。如果有潜在客户来看房, 最好的方法, 就是你出去溜达溜达。

了解更多关于他们的营销策略:例如:MLS,谷歌/雅虎/ Bing,社交媒体,youtube ……

使用不同的关键字在线查看您的销售清单,查看您的清单已建立的链接数量;例如:27xx6 E 99th Ave出售
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