Open House Tutorial for Buyer / 买家看房日教程

Open House Tutorial for Buyer / 买家看房日教程

Open House Tutorial for Buyer

If you are the 1st time home buyer and you are looking for a new home, you may probably attend several open houses already. Here are some tips for you when you visit an open house:

  • Making notes: just like an employer interviewing you; they usually make a lots note on your resume. How many rooms? How is the decoration; interior design? What do you like and dislike on the property? How would you rate this house/apartment compare to the previous one you’ve viewed?
  • Taking Pictures: If you are interested; taking lots of pictures for your reference.
  • Walk inside out: do not just view the room, check things carefully, see if there are any cracks in the wall, ceiling……
  • Ask: ask the listing questions about the property; eg: any renovation in the past 5 years;  how is the roof; any community center around; how far I need to drive for shopping……
  • After visiting: do not just leave, try to walk around the neighborhood; trust your own feelings – imagine what would you feel like if you live in this area
  • Buying Agent: If you really like the property you are visiting, do not just place an offer; find your own realtor, because the listing agent will only treat you as his/her customer. For more info about working with a realtor, please check our previous post here: What is Work-With-Realtor/什么是与房产经纪协作

如果你现在想购买你新的物业,或第一次准备置业,您可能已经去过几次open-house了; 这里小小tips给大家作为参考:

  • 做笔记:就像雇主面试我们一样;他们通常在我们的简历上面画东画西。这个房子有多少间房间?装修如何?室内设计?你最喜欢这里的是什么,有什么不喜欢的?你如何评价这个房子/公寓1-100分, 你打多少分?
  • 拍照:如果你对这个物业感兴趣,拍下大量照片供自己之后参考。 出屋外走走:不要只看室内,仔细检查,看墙上是否有裂缝,天花板…… :
  • 多问: 询问关于这个物业的问题; 例如:过去5年有没有任何翻修; 屋顶状况如何; 附近有什么社区中心; 我开车去购物有多远……
  • 参观后:不要立刻离开,逛逛周边街道; 相信你自己的感受 – 想象一下,如果你住在这个地区,你感觉良好还是不好。
  • 买家经纪:如果你真的很喜欢这物业,千万不要立刻下Offer; 找你自己的房地产经纪,因为卖方经纪只会把你当作他/她的顾客(散客), 而不是客户。有关与房地产经纪合作的更多信息,请查看我们之前的帖子会解释到三种顾客关系:What’s Work-With-Realtor /什么是与房产经纪协作

如果有任何有关房产的问题, 请随时联系我们, 我们是您的房地产7-11!

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