New Rules Protects Home Buyers Vancouver / 温哥华房地产新规定

New Rules Protects Home Buyers Vancouver / 温哥华房地产新规定

New Rules Protects Home Buyers Vancouver

The previous post we have introduced the new regulation for Vancouver real estate, this post, let’s look at look at it deeper – how can this new rule protects home buyer more.

First of all, under the new rules, there are only 2 types of relationship between home buyers/(sellers) – Client and Unrepresented Party.

Note: For most of the buyers, they do not really want to get into a relationship with realtors, because they can easily go to the open houses and talked to seller’s agent – and seller’s agent could also help them to write an offer in their interested property. However, one thing they do not know is that the listing agent is only represented for the seller – protect seller’s interest.

Client Relationship VS Unrepresented Party: In Real Estate

  • Loyalty: In client relationship, the realtor must put your interests first, even before their own. Eg: if you have no agent relationship with a realtor, guess how would they treat you – unrepresented party. Would they put your interests first? No, because you are not their client.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest: In client relationship, the realtor must avoid any situation that would affect their duty to act in your best interests.
  • Fully disclose relevant information: In client relationship, the realtor must give you all the facts they know that might affect your decisions. In unrepresented party relationship, NO.
  • Protect your confidentiality: In client relationship, the realtor must not reveal your private information without your permission, such as your reason for buying/selling, min/max price range you are seeking, terms you would like to add on the contract…… But in unrepresented party relationship: NO.

Still can’t convince you to get into an agency relationship???? Let’s quoted you a practical example: Pxter – ABC Brokerage’s agent is working for the seller; one day, you meet an agent from XYZ brokerage – Sxxdy. Sxxdy was nice and she could show you around, but you guys are not into the agency relationship. Somehow, you disclose your ceiling price (the highest price the buyer will pay for the property) to her. After visiting Pxter’s property, you like it so much, and ready to put an offer on it. Sxxdy might disclose your ceiling price to Pxter, because she has no responsibility to protect your interests. A price game will start to play – offer, counter-offer…..The deal was finally close, but you are not happy with the price because of it just slightly lower than your ceiling price.  In this case, you might lose more money than you think, isn’t it?

溫哥華買樓 – 房屋管理処新規定 – 保護您的權益

在上一篇文章中,我们简单介绍了温哥华房产新规,这篇文章我们更深层次地看看 – 这个新规则如何更有效的保护购房者。

首先,根据新规则,购房者/(卖家)之间只有两种类型的关系 – 客户和无代理人

注意:对于大多数买家来说,他们并不想真正与房地产经纪建立任何关系,因为他们随随便便就可以在房屋开放日里面认识到好几个经纪;而卖家经纪又可以帮助买家下offer – 何必多此一举。然而,他们不知道的一件事是,卖家经纪只代表卖方 – 只保护卖方的利益。

客户关系 VS 无代理人关系:

  • 忠诚度:在客户关系中,房地产经纪必须先把卖家利益放在第一位,甚至在他们自己的利益之上。例如:如果你与房地产经纪人没有代理关系,猜猜他们如何对待你 – 无代理人关系。他们会把你的利益放在第一位?不,因为你不是他们的客户。
  • 避免利益冲突:在客户关系中,经纪不能做任何影响你利益的事项。
  • 充分披露相关信息:在客户关系中,房地产经纪必须向您揭露他们所知道的或任何可能影响您决策的信息。在无代理人关系中,NO。
  • 保护您的隐私:在客户关系中,经纪人不得在未经您许可的情况下透露您的私人信息,例如您购买/销售的理由,您所寻求的最低/最高价格范围,您希望在合同中添加的条款…… ……但在无代理人关系中:NO。

仍然无法说服你进入代理关系?让我们引用一个实际的例子:Pxter – ABC经纪公司的代理人代表卖方;有一天,你会遇到来自XYZ经纪的代理 – Sxxdy。 Sxxdy很好,她常常主动带你到处看看房子,但你们并没有进入代理关系。不知道为什么,你不经意的透露了你的最高接受价给她听。在看完了Pxter在温哥华的独立屋后,你非常喜欢,并且准备下Offer。 Sxxdy有可能会向Pxter透露您的最高接受价,因为她没有责任保护您的利益。价格游戏将开始 – 开价, 还价,再还价。。。最后,你们成交,但是价格不是太理想 – 只比你最高接受价低了一点点。在这种情况下,你的损失会比你给买家经纪的提成更多,不是吗?

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