Negotiated the Commission with a Realtor/卖房提成谈判

Negotiated the Commission with a Realtor/卖房提成谈判

Negotiated the Commission with a Realtor – Buy/Sell House Vancouver
卖房提成谈判 – 溫哥華買房賣房

While you try to sell your house/condo/townhouse, a part of your cost should be considered – realtor’s commission. Some owners might choose to sell their home on their own, some might be negotiated the commission with the realtor.

There is no problem for you to sell your home on your own, and in nowadays, if you type sell your home yourself; there are quite a lot sites to help you to sell your home yourself. Case study: one of my friends (Alpha) try to sell his house himself, and he was working hard on that for 4 months; everything seems to be running smoothly, and he predicts that he can save around $8,000 compare he hired a realtor. However, the deal was not close due to the buyer’s financial issue.

That frustrated him. At last, he hires a realtor – who sells his house within 36 days; Alpha walked away with an additional $7,000 more in his pocket.

A professional realtor’s value is not only in buy and sell, but also in his/her negotiating and marketing skill.

Can I negotiate on commission part with a realtor?  Yes, of course, you could. But always remember – what you pay is what you get. Business is business, we are trying to achieve a win-win situation: the seller can close the deal within a period of time with a satisfying price; the realtor can make some commission for his/her living.

A professional realtor’s value

  • database –  reach hundred of potential buyers
  • protect your interest
  • marketing your listing
  • provide you with professional services

Just imagine this, when your car is not running, you need a mechanical engineer; when your teeth are feeling pain, you need a dentist. They are all professionals – providing you services.

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当你想出售你的房子/公寓/联排别墅时,成本部分应该考虑进去 – 例如房地产经纪的佣金。有些业主可能会选择自己出售房屋,有些可能会选择压低经纪的佣金。

自己卖当然没有任何没问题,如果你自己卖你的房子,上谷歌搜索下, 你就不难发现有相当多的网站可以帮助你卖掉自己的房子。案例研究:我的一个朋友(阿尔法)试图自己出售自己的房子,并且他正在为此努力4个月;一切似乎都顺利进行,如果不找房产经纪他估计他可以节省8000元左右。然而,由于买方的财务和私人问题,没有交易成功。

在那段时间,他觉得满沮丧的。最后,他终于决定聘用了一名房地产经纪 – 那位经纪成功的帮他在36天内卖掉房子; 出乎意料之外, 扣除各种费用, Alpha还多赚了7000。

其实专业经纪的价值不仅在于买卖, 还有他们的谈判和营销技巧。

我可以压低经纪佣金吗?当然可以。但要记住保持公平 – 你付出的是你得到的。生意就是生意,我们其实可以实现双赢;  经纪帮助卖家卖出房子; 他们拿回应有佣金。


  • 数据库 – 邮件营销, 一个邮件, 就可以令几百个买家看到你的物业 (视乎经纪的数据库有多大)
  • 保护你的利益 – 就刚刚那个案例而言, 有经验的经纪很容易就能分辨出买家的购买实力
  • 营销您的物业 – 行销手法越多, 曝光率越高 – 潜在买家越容易关注到你要出售的物业 
  • 为您提供专业服务 – 专业意见, 做open house, 谈判等等。。。

试想一下,当你的汽车坏了,你需要一个修车佬;  你牙疼时,你要一个牙医。他们都是专业人士 – 为您提供专业服务。

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