{:en}Monthly Real Estate Report Vancouver - 2019.Aug{:}{:zh}温哥华房地产市场报告 - 2019年8月{:}

{:en}Monthly Real Estate Report Vancouver - 2019.Aug{:}{:zh}温哥华房地产市场报告 - 2019年8月{:}


Monthly Real Estate Report Vancouver – 2019.Aug

Vancouver Real Estate Market sales increase in summer. 

Monthly Real Estate Report Vancouver – 2019.Aug: During this summer, more buyers choose to purchase their homes in Vancouver.

According to the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) reports that residential home sales in the region totalled 2,231 in August 2019, a 15.7 per cent increase from the 1,929 sales recorded in August 2018, and a 12.7 per cent decrease from the 2,557 homes sold in July 2019.  My comments: due to the price dropped more than 8% compared to 2018, that will attract more buyers to get into the market.

However, last month’s sales were still  9.2% below the 10-year August sales average.

“Home sales returned to more historically normal levels in July and August compared to what we saw in the first six months of the year,” said REBGV President Ashley Smith.

There were 3,747 new listings listed for sale on the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) in Metro Vancouver last month. This represents a 3.5 per cent decrease compared to the 3,881 homes listed in August 2018 and an 18.8 per cent decrease compared to July 2019 when 4,613 homes were listed. My comment: Fewer listings, less choice for buyers, but why there are less listings – sellers are also waiting for a warmer market to sell. 

The total number of homes currently listed for sale on the MLS® Vancouver is 13,396, a 13.3 per cent increase compared to August 2018 (11,824) and a 5.9 per cent decrease compared to July 2019 (14,240).


The MLS® Home Price Index composite benchmark price:

  1. detached homes is $1,406,700.
  2. price of an apartment property is $771,000.
  3. price of an attached unit is $654,000.

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温哥华房地产市场报告 – 2019年8月


温哥华房地产市场报告 – 2019年8月:今年夏天,更多买家选择在温哥华购买房屋。


然而,上个月的销售额仍然9.2%低于常规8月销售额 – 10年来最低8月


上个月在大温哥华地区的MultipleListingService®(MLS®)上市有3,747个房源。与2018年8月上市的3,881套房屋房源相比,这一数字减少了3.5%,与2019年7月的4,613套住房相比减少了18.8%。我的评论:更少的房源,更少的买家选择,但为什么有更少的房源 – 卖家也在等待更温暖的市场出售。 




  1. 独立屋的价格为$1,406,700。
  2. 公寓物业的价格是$771,000。
  3. 附属单位的价格是$654,000。

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