MLS Listing Vancouver Report March | 溫哥華3月地產房價

MLS Listing Vancouver Report March | 溫哥華3月地產房價

MLS Listing Vancouver Report March | 溫哥華3月地產房價

Analyze the MLS Vancouver Market 

MLS Listing Vancouver Report March | 溫哥華3月地產房價: Metro Vancouver homes sales dropped to the lowest level in March in more than 3 decades – the lowest level in March in 30 years……

REBGV reports that home sales in a total of 1,727 in March.2019; a 31.4% dropped compared March.2018, but 16.4% increased compared to Feb.2019.

Homes sales in March.2019 is the lowest total for the month since 1986 – potential buyers are still watching the market.

REBGV president said that the housing demand is not matching with the growing economy and low unemployment rate; in the past 3 years, the government has imposed new taxes and borrowing requirements on the housing market – which slows the market down.

The MLS® Vancouver Home Price Index benchmark price for all residential properties is $1,011,200. Already a 7.7% decrease from March.2018.

For all property types, the sales-to-active-listings ratio are below for March.2019: 

  1. 9.4% for detached homes
  2. 15.9% for townhouses
  3. 17.2% for condo/apartments

Benchmark price for all property types: 

  1. $1,437,100 for detached homes (Single House) – a 10 percent decrease from March.2018
  2. $783,600 for attached homes (townhomes) – a 6 percent decrease from March.2018
  3. $656,900 for condos (apartments) – a 5.9 percent decrease from March.2018

Personal Opinion: 

The market is still moving, it just depends on the price and location; if you are a home seller – price right your property, work closely with your realtor, and advertise more. For sellers who purchase condos 3-4 years ago, the problem is not you are making money or not – how much you wanna make is the problem.

If you are a home buyer, stop asking your realtor  “is that a good time to buy now.” Nobody can predict the market. Home price will not be dropped back to 2010-2012’s level due to the labor and population growth. Unless the market collapse, but the government would not let this happen.


溫哥華3月地產房價:3月份大溫公路房屋銷售降至3月份的最低水平 – 這是3月份30年來的最低水平……

REBGV報告3月份房屋銷售總量為1,727套。 2019的3月與2018年3月相比,下降了31.4%,但比2月增加了16.4%。

2019年的3月房屋銷售是自1986年以來的最低的3月份 – 潛在買家仍在觀望著市場。

REBGV總裁表示,住房需求與經濟增長和低 失業率不匹配;在過去3年中,政府對房地產市場徵收新的稅收和借款要求 – 這導致了市場下滑。


溫哥華房屋挂牌和賣出率 March.2019: 

  1. 獨立屋為9.4%
  2. 聯排別墅為15.9%
  3. 溫哥華公寓為17.2%

大溫地區3月房價走勢 : 

  1. 獨立屋價格$1,437,100  – 對比2018年同期下跌10個點
  2. 聯排別墅價格$783,600 – 對比2018年同期下跌6個點
  3. 公寓價格$656,900 – 對比2018年同期下跌5.9個點

個人意見:市場還有很多買賣,只取決於價格和位置;如果您是房屋賣家 – 標價要適合,與您的房地產經紀人密切合作,並做更多的廣告。對於3 – 4年前購買公寓的賣家來說,賣房的問題不在於你是否賺錢 – 你想要賺多少錢才是問題的關鍵所在。

如果你是購房者,不要再問你的房地產經紀人了“現在是一個購買的好時機。”沒人能預測市場。由於勞動力和人口增長,房價不會回落到2010 – 2012年的水平。除非市場崩潰,不過政府不會讓這種情況發生 – 萬一真的發生, 相信這個政府以後也不用在加拿大執政了。