Latent Defect - Oil Tank 房屋的瑕疵 - 地下油罐

Latent Defect - Oil Tank 房屋的瑕疵 - 地下油罐

Latent Defect – Oil Tank – Buy Properties BC
溫哥華買房注意:房屋的瑕疵 – 地下油罐

In 2018, the real estate market is much slower than 2017; if you are planning to purchase a house now, it might be a good time to considerate. However, be aware of the latent defect. What is latent defect – fault in the property that could not be discovered by reasonably thru inspection.

This defect can be dangerous or potentially dangerous to the occupants – asbestos. Or a defect that would involve great expense to remedy – oil tank contaminate.

When you realtor represent you to purchase a property, one of many questions she/he should asks “Are you aware of any past or present underground oil storage tank on the promises”. And the listing agent must answer this question; because the buyer must answer the same question in front of a home insurer when buying the home insurance.

All tanks have their limited life span; they longer they stay under the ground, the higher the chance for them to rust, corrode, and leak. If they leak – it would cost a big problem – soil contamination. In BC, it is owner’s responsibility to clean a contaminated site – some costs can be really high; reach up to 100,000.

So, if you are planning to purchase an old house, always, always do the inspection.  It is worth it.



2018,溫哥華房地產市場比2017年慢了許多; 如果您打算現在購買房子,那可能會是個好時機。但是,要注意房屋的潛在瑕疵。

什麼是潛在瑕疵 – 肉眼很難發現,要仔細反復檢查才會發現的瑕疵。 而且這種缺陷對於居住者來說可能是構成危險的或有構成潛在危險的可能 – 例如石棉。又或者這種房屋缺陷是一個會帶來巨大的維修的缺陷 – 例如油罐污染了土地。

當您的房地產經紀代表您購買房產時,她/他必須問對方經紀的一個問題是“你的物業是否有儲油罐”。賣方經紀必須回答這個問題; 因為買家在購買房屋保險時也必須在房屋保險員面前回答相同的問題。

所有油罐都有其壽命; 如果停留在地下的時間越長,它們會生鏽,腐蝕和甚至洩漏(漏油)的機會就越高。如果他們一旦洩漏 – 這將是一個大問題 – 土壤污染。在卑詩省,清理污染是屋主的責任 – 某些清理費用可能高達$100,000。

所以,如果你打算購買舊房子,一定, 一定, 一定要驗房。

如果你有任何其他關於房屋的問題, 請隨時聯係我們

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