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Around Joyce-Collingwood Skytrain station. Near Boundary Road, central park. There are a lot of apartments, one of the hottest condos markets in East Vancouver. Back to 2014-2015; 1*bedroom price is valid between 230-265k, but now, it is almost a double. A lot of international students choose this area to live due to its convenience – grocery, skytrain, bus station. In the page of Collingwood VE MLS Listings Vancouver, you are going to see many condos for sale. Is this a good area in Vancouver? 85% of buyers will say yes.

在Joyce-Collingwood Skytrain车站附近。靠近边界路,中央公园。有很多公寓,东温哥华最热门的公寓市场之一。早在2014-2015; 1 *卧室价格在230-265k之间,但现在几乎是翻倍。许多国际学生选择这个地区,因为它的便利 – 杂货店,轻轨,公交车站。

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