{:en}Immigrant's Power - Helping the Canada Housing Market{:}{:zh}移民潮的力量-新移民帮助加拿大住房市场{:}

{:en}Immigrant's Power - Helping the Canada Housing Market{:}{:zh}移民潮的力量-新移民帮助加拿大住房市场{:}


Immigrant’s Power – Helping the Canada Housing Market

680000 homes might purchase by immigrants in the next 5 years in Canada

According to a new survey; more than a 1/5 of the homes owned by newcomers, helping boost real estate in Ontario, Quebec, and B.C.,

Royal LePage shows: immigrants buy 21 percent of houses and may purchase 680,000 homes during the next five years if migration levels are maintained, the poll commissioned.

“In addition to supporting Canada’s economic growth, newcomers to Canada are vital to the health of our national real estate market,” Phil Soper, Royal LePage president, and CEO said in a statement. “Newcomers are doing more than investing in Canadian real estate, they are investing in their family’s future.”

The survey lands as the country’s housing markets rebound from the imposition of tighter mortgage rules over the past two years that were brought in to limit speculation and soaring prices in markets such as Vancouver and Toronto.

Royal Bank of Canada senior economist Robert Hogue notes that conditions are ripe for another rally in housing prices after a pause earlier in the year.

“Demand-supply conditions have tightened up, and are gradually heating up prices. Low-interest rates, strong labor markets, and rapid population growth will continue to fuel demand in the period ahead,” said Hogue in a report. “Promises made during the federal election campaign could heat things up further.”

All the major political parties remain open to some levels of immigration, and the perception appears to hold among newcomers, according to the LePage survey.

B.C. came third with about 13 percent of newcomers to Canada, according to Statistics Canada and holds the survey’s highest amount — 89 percent — of those who arrive with savings to buy a house, perhaps reflecting the strong influx of wealthy Asians in the market.

Realtor’s opinion: For the long term, the real estate market will be going up again, however, 2020 might be a challenge; it really depends on how the economy goes.





皇家勒佩奇(Royal LePage)表示:如果维持移民水平,移民将购买21%的房屋,并可能在未来五年内购买68万套房屋。

Royal LePage总裁兼首席执行官Phil Soper在一份声明中说:“除了支持加拿大的经济增长外,加拿大的新移民对我们国家房地产市场的健康至关重要。” “新移民所做的不只是投资加拿大房地产,还投资于家庭的未来。”


加拿大皇家银行高级经济学家罗伯特·霍格(Robert Hogue)指出,今年初停顿之后,房价再度上涨的条件已经成熟。

“供求状况已经收紧,并正在逐步抬高价格。低利率,强劲的劳动力市场以及快速的人口增长将继续在未来一段时间内推动需求,” Hogue在一份报告中说。“联邦大选期间做出的承诺可能会使事情进一步升温。”