Buyer’s Market – Price negotiation? 楼市淡,更有利于讲价?

Buyer’s Market – Price negotiation? 楼市淡,更有利于讲价?

Buyer’s Market – How can I take an advantage on negotiation?

As usual, we were taking clients out for housing tour last Saturday. One of our clients interested in a house which values around 2million.  He asked that since it is buyer’s market now, can we take a big advantage on the price – 20% off, is that possible?  It is possible but not guarantee, because it really depends on the following situations:

Seller’s Background – we have to find out who is the seller, and why he/she is selling the property. If the seller is trying to get rid of the property as fast as he can – yes, the buyer can take an advantage from it. On the other hand, if the seller is a developer, he/she is building a house for sale, and he/she might know the market more than your realtor; and that will be hard for your realtor to do any further negotiation.

Days on Market – a study has been shown that the longer a house/townhome/condo is on the market, the less likely the seller is to get his asking price. Because buyers tend to believe that there might be a defect (something wrong with the home) in the property that causes other buyers to pass it up.

Builder’s Cost and Market Price– to build a 3500 sq.ft living area, its cost is $90-380/sq.ft; depends on the quality. Let’s say the seller/developer purchased the land 1-2 years ago, which values 800k-1m. Let’s take the median and do some calculation:  $200(building cost per sq.ft) * 3500sq.ft living area = 700k + 900k land cost = 1.5million (total cost).

In addition, all the houses around this area sold price was 1.8 – 2million. Of course, 20% off would not work.

Multiple Offers – depends how many buyers are competing with you. Eg: if you are the only one who makes the offer, you would have a high chance to get the house and price reduction. On the other hand, if there are 10-15 buyers compete with you on the same property, most likely, we will lose our bargaining power; in some extreme cases, not even $1 off.  Evidence: there was a house list on East Vancouver – listing price was 1.19M. The listing agent received 28 offers, sold price was 1.43M.

So, in the buyer’s market, can we take an advantage on negotiation? Yes, of course, we can. We will do a lot of analysis (not only the market, but personal as well), and create several negotiation plans to fight for you. We will always put your interest first, even before ours.


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买家市场 – 我如何利用谈判优势?楼市淡,更有利于讲价? 像往常一样,我们上周六带客户去看房。我们有个客户对价值约200万的房子感兴趣。他问,既然现在是买家市场,我们能否在价格上占据优势 –  20%的折扣,这可能吗?这是可能的,但不能保证,因为价格实际上取决于以下情况: 

卖家的背景 – 我们必须找出谁是卖方,以及他/她出售房产的原因。如果卖方试图尽快摆脱他们房产 – 是的,可以试试下offer,买方可以从中获利。另一方面,如果卖方是开发商,他/她建造房屋就是为了赚钱,他/她可能比您的房地产经纪人更了解市场; 那你的房地产经纪人就很难进行任何进一步的谈判。 

房屋在市场上的天数 – 一项研究表明,房屋/联排别墅/公寓在市场上的时间越长,卖家获得其要价的可能性就越小。因为买家倾向于认为房屋里面可能存在缺陷(房屋出现问题)导致其他买家不敢买。

建造者的成本和市场价格 – 建造一个3500平方英尺的生活区,其成本为90-380美元/平方英尺;取决于质量。让我们说卖家/开发商在1  –  2年前购买了土地,价值800k-1m。让我们拿中位数做一些计算:200美元(每平方英尺建筑成本)* 3500平方英尺生活区= 700k + 900k土地成本= 150万总成本。 


多买家竞争 – 取决于有多少买家与您竞争。例如:如果您是唯一提出要约的人,那么您将很有可能获得房子并在价格上占尽优势。可是,如果有10-15名买家在同一物业上与你竞争,很可能,我们将失去议价能力;在某些极端情况下,卖家甚至一分钱也不减。证据:东温哥华有一个房屋 – 上市价格为1.19M。买家经纪收到28报价,最后以1.43M成交。 


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