Home Selling Process / 温哥华卖房屋房流程建议

Home Selling Process / 温哥华卖房屋房流程建议

Home Selling Process

For most of the 1st time home sellers, they do not know what to do, here are the process to sell your home:

  1. Meet and Interview a real estate agent
  2. Enter into the agency relationship
  3. Get advice to optimize showings
  4. Marketing your property – Network, online, newspaper
  5. Showing your home to potential buyers
  6. Negotiate an offer that is best for you
  7. Accept offer
  8. Inspection or appraisal
  9. Subject removed – Sold sign is put up
  10. Complete – received fund from the sale of your home

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house selling procedure
home selling


  1. 透过考核, 挑选最好的房地产经纪
  2. 签订经纪合同
  3. 专业的意见和反馈 – 如何更有效的卖出您的物业
  4. 营销你的物业 – 网络营销,在线营销,传统传媒
  5. 向潜在买家展示你的物业
  6. 价钱, 合同条款谈判
  7. 接受交易
  8. 验房或评估
  9. 条件移除
  10. 成交/过户 – 收到卖房款项
home selling procedure

如果需要任何房屋买卖服务, 请随时和我们联系。 谢谢!


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