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Selling and buying home procedure: Buying a new home or selling your current home is never be easy. From the buyer’s perspective –  dream home and value for money. From the seller’s perspective – a higher selling price, beyond the market value. In this page, we can be going to provide you some basic information on home buying and selling procedure.


Free – house/apartment/condo evaluation.


For first home buyer – we provide free consultant services.

Firstly, we find best fits:

Compiling a diverse list of properties, that you might like and consider visiting with one of our agents.

Secondly, we accompany you:

While you’ll be visiting the properties, our agents will be there for you, to offer a timely advice…

Thirdly, we close the deal:

We have such a wide range of miscellaneous real estate properties on our lists, that we’re sure you’ll find your fit!

When I was moving from Coquitlam to Richmond, I was afraid that my shoestring budget will bar me from a good home… But thanks to guys, I fit it in!


Buying my first apartment in Vancouver was not an easy feat… I’m thankful to Ran who was so patient with my pickiness.

Terrence Wang
Marketing manager

We tirelessly search,

For as a diverse range of properties as possible…

So you can have an optimal range of choice!

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Selling a House Condo or Townhomes

Buying and Selling a home Vancouver 温哥华房屋买卖流程

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