Highgate MLS Burnaby 本拿比房源

Highgate MLS Burnaby 本拿比房源 – Highgate tract is only 15 mins from the Metrotown. Over 10 years of development, Highgate becomes another hot real estate area in Burnaby. Shopping Center, community center, bank, health clinic, and gym, all in one place. Across the road is the Edmond Skytrain station. What else can you expect. According to Vancouver real estate board stats on Oct.2018, the benchmark price for the single house is 1.356 million (0.9 percent drop compared to Oct.2017), for the townhouse is  591 thousand (9.3% increase compared to Oct.2017), and condo/apartment price is 651 thousand (4.4% increase compared to Oct.2017).

本拿比房源 Highgate 地段 – Highgate距地铁镇仅15分钟车程。经过10多年的发展,这里成为本拿比的又一个热门房地产领域。购物中心,社区中心,银行,健康诊所和健身房,都在一个地方。马路对面是爱德蒙天车站。根据温哥华房地产委员会2018年10月的统计数据,单栋房子的基准价格是136万(比2017年10月下降0.9%),连栋房子为59.1万(比2017年10月增长9.3%),公寓/帕文的价格是651,000万。ND(比2017年10月增加4.4%)。

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