Fraser Valley Real Estate - 素里房价

Fraser Valley Real Estate - 素里房价

Fraser Valley Real Estate Trend Report Sept. 2018  –
素里房价, 素里房地产价格

SURREY, BC – The slowing of sales activity and expansion of overall inventory that has defined much of 2018 for the
Fraser Valley housing market continued in September, with sales at their lowest point and inventory at its highest for the

The Fraser Valley Real Estate Board processed 1,035 sales of all property types on its Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) in
September, a decrease of 36.1 percent compared to the 1,619 sales in September of last year, and a 10.4 percent
the decrease compared to sales in August 2018.

Of those 1,035 sales, 376 were residential detached homes, 250 were townhouses, and 274 were apartments. This was
the lowest number of transactions in a month this year for each category.

Active inventory for the Fraser Valley in September finished at 7,647 listings, increasing 4.2 percent month-over-month
and 30.6 percent year-over-year. This is the highest level of supply for the Fraser Valley since July 2015.

SURREY,BC省 – 销售放缓和整体房屋库存扩张,已经为2018年定义了大部分时间 菲舍尔谷房屋市场在9月继续,销售处于最低点,库存是历年处于最高位置。

Fraser Valley房地产委员会在其多重上市服务®(MLS®)上处理了1,035种所有房产类型的销售 与去年9月份的1,619笔销售额相比,9月份下降了36.1%,同比下降了10.4% 与2018年8月的销售额相比有所下降。


9月份菲沙河谷的活跃库存收于7,647个,同比增长4.2% 和30.6%的同比。这是自2015年7月以来菲沙河谷的最高供应水平。