Even Homeowners want the price to fall/楼市插水

Even Homeowners want the price to fall/楼市插水

Vancouver Real Estate will fall? 温哥华楼市会否持续下滑?

CBC News – Angus Reid survey suggests owners in Vancouver and Toronto think costs “unreasonably high”

The survey shows that in Toronto, there are 56% of homeowners said the real estate prices are hurting the Toronto area. 13% said they would like to see the prices drop by 30% or more, 22% said the prices will drop 10% or more; the others said they want to see the prices remains on the current level.

The survey asked Vancouver homeowners:” What do you hope to see happen to the real estate market in Vancouver over the next few years?”

20% of the homeowners would like to see the price keep going up; 31% want to see the price stay what they are, 29% believe the house price will drop around 10%, and 20% think the real estate market in Vancouver will drop 30% or more.

Some people are ready for bold actions. More and more people want the government to do something – curb prices.

In Toronto, there are 35% of respondents believe the housing prices have given them a very negative impact. What about Vancouver? Even more, 44%.

Reference link: http://angusreid.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/2018.07.15_Vancouver-Housing-Release.pdf


CBC新闻 – 安格斯里德调查显示,温哥华和多伦多的业主认为成本“不合理地高”

调查显示,在多伦多,有56%的房主表示房地产价格正在伤害多伦多地区。 13%表示他们希望价格下降30%或更多,22%表示价格将下降10%或更多;其他人说他们希望看到价格保持在当前水平。


20%的房主希望价格继续上涨; 31%的人希望看到价格保持不变,29%的人认为房价将下跌10%左右,20%的人认为温哥华的房地产市场将下降30%或更多。

在多伦多,有35%的受访者认为高房价给他们带来了非常不利的影响。温哥华怎么样?这个数字比多伦多还要大, 达到44%。

越来越多的人希望政府做点什么 – 调控房屋价格。

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