Clauses When Buying A House/房屋买卖合同条款

Clauses When Buying A House/房屋买卖合同条款

Standard Clauses When Buying A House / 房屋买卖合同常用条款
Knowing how your realtor can protect you


买卖房屋,在签订合同的时候,最让人不放心的就是合同条款。买卖的金额固然重要, 但条款和金额同样重要。 举个例子: 早前, 我买了个电视盒子, 原价$200, 我压价压倒$160, 单据条款列明没有保用期。结果用了两个月, 软件更新不到, 要重装 – 商家收$80; 给钱, 嫌太贵, 不给,那个盒子就变成废品。 最后还是咬咬牙,给了。 以上只是一个例子, 可能很多买家遇不到这个情况, 不过也有部分买家是买到次货。 所以,尽量用条款去保障自己的权益。

去判断一个是否用心为你服务的经纪就是看合同条款。 对卖家而言, 条款越少越好; 而对买家而言, 条款越多,对自己越有保障。


代售条款/Subject to Sale: 市场环境好的时候, 我们很少用到这个条约, 这款条约保障了买家, 在限定日期内,如果买家不能卖掉他们现有的物业, 那合同就取消。 相反, 我们去想想, 如果市场不好的时候, 准买家很难把自己现有的房子卖掉, 那他/她哪有那么多钱去买新的物业呢????

房屋历史透露/Subject to Disclose Statement: 这个是由卖家填写的物业历史: 例如: 这个房子之前有没有非法活动, 房屋之前是否有出现过漏水问题, 房屋电炉问题等等。

产权条款/Subject to Title Search: 产权 – 确认卖家是否真正拥有该物业的产权。

贷款条款/Subject to Financing: 买家能在银行成功贷款,并取得满意的贷款利息。

验房条款/Subject to Inspection: 验房非常重要, 如果买家验出房子有问题, 可以随时取消合同, 或从新和卖家谈判, 商讨价格。

若果阁下是买公寓, 可以加多一个条款:

公寓文件条款/Subject to Strata Document: 物业管理每个月都会有会议记录; 例如: 物业维修, 物业管道维护等等。 会议记录还会记录是否会有大维修, 例如: 物业翻新。 如果买家一买到公寓, 就有个大维修, 这对买家来说绝对是个恶梦, 因为某些旧式公寓一修每户就要给2-4万不等。 所以看物业文件非常重要。

Vancouver Real Estate – Buyer should know this clauses

When buying and selling a property, the most unpleasant thing to do is understanding the clauses of the contract of purchase and sale. Of course, Price is always the priority, but the terms and condition of the contract also play an important role. For example: Earlier, I bought a TV box. The original price was $200. I compressed the price down to $160 – no warranty. As a result, the box runs well for 2 months and stop running.  I’ve brought the box back, and the dealer charges me $80 for re-installation; to give money, too expensive, not to give, the box became a waste product. In the end, I paid.

Standard Clauses when buying a house as below:

Subject to Sale: When the market is hot, we rarely use this clause. This protects the buyer. If the buyer cannot sell their existing property within the limitation of time, the contract will be canceled. On the contrary, let’s think about this. If the market is not good, prospective buyers can hardly sell their existing house. How can he/she have so much money to buy a new property? ? ? 

Subject to Disclose Statement: This is the history of the property that was filled in by the seller: For example: Is there any illegal activity in this house before, whether there has been a water leak in the house, problems with the house heaters, etc.

Subject to Title Search: Confirm whether the seller really owns the property.

Subject to Financing: Buyer can loan the money from the bank with the fairly good interest rate.

Subject to Inspection: After the inspection, if the buyer finds any majority problem with the house/apartment, the buyer can just walk away from the deal or re-open the negotiation with the seller.

Subject to Strata Document:  if you are buying an old apartment, you need to check the minute, engineering report of the building. If there is a special levy in the building, you can tell by the meeting minute right away.


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