Choosing Your Realtor 温哥华房地产经纪

Choosing Your Realtor 温哥华房地产经纪

Choosing Your Realtor in Metro Vancouver 温哥华房地产经纪

Whether you buy or sell a property in Vancouver, you need a realtor. So what role does a realtor play in your buying or selling process – advisor and coach guild you every step by step on the buying and selling process.

Before we talked about realtor further, let me ask you several questions:

  1. Have you interviewed your realtors?
  2. If your answer is NO, Why you put yourself in a risky position?
  3. If your answer is Yes, what kind of questions did you ask your realtors?

A good realtor can help you in these three big categories: knowledge, service, and protection: 

Service: Does your realtor knows what you need? Did he/she ask a lot of questions to find out what you really need? The first-time buyer requires different services than real estate investors. What insight and services you expect from your realtor.

Knowledge: each realtor tends to work in different areas such as buying condos, pre-sale condo, land assembly, selling houses, investment homes……


  • protect your interest – adopt a negotiation strategy with you
  • provide you with accurate real estate information to assist you to make the right decision
  • provide you market history for your reference
  • recommend professionals to help you on the specific transaction such as a home inspector, mortgage lender…
  • an assurance fund to protect your deposits, and multiple avenues of recourse if you feel your Realtor didn’t act in accordance with his or her professional and legal obligations

Do not Afraid of asking questions: Ask your realtor about their marketing strategy, education, service standard, and fees.

Again, choosing the right realtor to assist you in buying and selling is very important.




  1. 你有应聘过房地产经纪人吗?
  2. 如果你的答案是否定的,为什么你要把自己置于危险的境地?房屋买卖是人生或投资大事, 为什么问都不问就轻易相信?
  3. 如果你的答案是肯定的,在应聘过程中,你问过你的房地产经纪什么样的问题?





  • 保护你的利益-与你采取谈判策略
  • 为您提供准确的房地产信息,以帮助您做出正确的决定
  • 为您提供市场历史数据作为供参考
  • 推荐专业人士来帮助你在特定的交易,如验屋师,抵押贷款人员…
  • 如果你觉得你的房地产经纪没有按照他或她的专业和法律义务行事,你就有一个保证基金来保护你的存款