Buying Pre-sale condo in Vancouver #4 Insight / 内幕

Buying Pre-sale condo in Vancouver #4 Insight / 内幕

Buying Pre-sale condo in Vancouver #4 Insight


Many buyers think that buying a pre-sale condo is very easy – just talk to the developer sales representative directly and get what you want to buy.
Unfortunately, this is not the case especially when the market is hot; many buyers cannot find a proper unit during the pre-sale; eg: south-facing unit –

buying a presale condo is not as easy as you think, isn’t it?


“Insider”; those people can be the employee, sales, family members of the developer. Creating a VIP access to let the presale experts to presale condos to their customers before the general public know there are condos for presale.

In 2015-2017; most of the time, the insider can sell out all units; or just leave a few units for public buyers to purchase.

Your concern:

Some of the buyers ask:” if I sign you as my selling agent to get a presale condo for me, do I need to pay extra money for your commission?”  The answer is NO.

Talk to us, we can help; we are your real estate 7-11!!! Check Here For Vancouver Cambie st Condo MLS Listings



许多买家认为购买预售公寓非常简单 - 只需直接与开发商销售联系联系,就可以买到你心水的房产/公寓单位。不幸的是,当市场好的时候,情况并非如此;很多买家在预售期间找不到合适的单位;例如:朝南的单位。

在温哥华, 买个好楼花, 不是想象中那么容易。


“内幕”;那些人可以是开发商的员工,销售代表,家庭成员。创建VIP通道,好多开发商在发布预售日期之前,很多单位已经全部售罄。 举个例子: 在2015-2017年; 大多数时候,内部人员可以卖掉所有单位;或者只留某些朝向不好的单位供买家购买。


很多买家会问:“如果我签你们做我的买方代理经纪帮我买楼,我要给提成你们吗?” 答案是否定的。不用。 如果需要更多有关楼花的最新资讯, 请随时和我们联系。


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