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Buying Home Vancouver: You have been saving for years; seeing your friends/relatives were getting their new homes. Now, you start considerating to purchase a home for your family. Checking open houses during the weekends, talking to more and more realtors to get to know more about the real estate market. 在溫哥華買房其實蠻煩的,你已經儲蓄多年了;看到你的朋友/親戚正在入住他們的新家。現在,您開始考慮為您的家人購買房屋。在周末檢查開放的房屋,與越來越多的房地產經紀人交談,以了解更多有關房地產市場的信息。

There is more than 10,000 real estate agent available in Metro Vancouver, how to find the right realtor??? 在溫哥華大概有1萬多個房地產經紀, 如果去找到一個適合自己的呢?

Buy Properties BC can definitely help you to find your dream home. Well Prepare before you begin to buy a property

#1 - Know Your Options as Real Estate Consumer

Real Estate new rules protect the consumers more: disclose, disclose, and disclose – which prevent the agent acts for both a buyer and a seller in the same transaction. Eg: if the agent acts for buyer and seller at the same transaction – how to determine his loyalty to his clients (buyer & seller)???? 作爲房屋買家, 知道自己有什麽權益是非常重要的一環, 請看看我們文章, 有中文翻譯。

#2 - Talk to your Lenders

Lenders could be banks, insurance companies, and credit union… Knowing how much you can borrow will lead you in the right direction – you will have an idea of what kind of house, condo, or townhouse you can afford. After getting the pre-approval that means you are a qualified buyer, it is much easier for you to negotiate with the seller or listing agent.   在溫哥華買房, 最好先和銀行談談, 看看銀行能有多少貸款給您 – 清晰知道哪一類的房子是自己可以承受的。

#3 - Find A Real Estate Agent

An experienced and skillful realtor is very important to you. Buying a new home is not an easy task. A good realtor is not a driver, he/she can also protect your interest and save money for you in the transaction. Always remember, the buyer wants a realtor who can think from the perspective of the buyer. 在溫哥華買房,地產經紀是非常重要的一環, 地產經紀的責任不僅僅是你的司機, 最關鍵的是他/她要能保障你的權益和在談判中爲您省錢省心 – 想你之所想,憂你之所憂。

#4 - Shop Around See There are any preference homes for you

Start shopping around with your realtor in the greater Vancouver area, see if there is any new home suitable to you. Once you found your preference home, don’t forget to check the neighborhood and ask around. Are there any school if you have children; any community center, grocery store, and new developments……當你找到心儀的房屋時候, 記得走動多點, 看看鄰居問問周邊環境如何, 有沒有新商圈,學校,買菜方不方便等等。

#5 - Prepare Your Offer and Negotiation

Your realtor will help you to prepare an offer – writing down clauses/conditions to protect your interest. If you are buying a condo or townhouses, your realtor needs to check all strata documents with you see if there are any special levies… In negotiation, many buyers will try to use their own way to negotiate eg: low offering price. Actually, it really depends on what kind of sellers you are facing (eg: a developer); most of the time offering low will result in the seller becoming more uncomfortable to deal with you. Ask your realtor to do a market analysis for you – any similar homes sold in this area, how long do the sold homes on the market?…..

下offer, 但一定要做功課, 不要用一味用低價策略,這樣只會造成兩極化談判 – 賣家有可能直接不談,俗語講唔做你生意。 要求您的房產經紀提供一份完整的市場報告 – 這個房子是處於高於,等於,或低於市場價水平?最近有什麽類似的房源賣出? 什麽價位?這個房子對比其他有什麽好與不好的地方, 現在或之後的升值潛力是多少?

#6 - Close The Deal

Congratulations. At closing, you need to sign the whole bunch of documents to complete the purchase. Before this step, don’t forget to hire an experienced inspector to inspect your home.

恭喜,終於買到屋了。 記住,在這一步之前, 一定一定要驗房。


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