{:en}Buying and Selling a Home during the Pandemic{:}{:zh}温哥华疫情底下如何按常的买房卖房{:}

{:en}Buying and Selling a Home during the Pandemic{:}{:zh}温哥华疫情底下如何按常的买房卖房{:}


Buying and Selling a Home during the Pandemic

Buying and Selling a home is not easy!

Buying and Selling a Home during the Pandemic: In May.2020; real estate market sales were keeping in a downtrend. Some economist predicts the price will be dropped 15-30% in the next two years.  Even ICBC predicts the home price will be dropped 5-10% from 2021 to 2022.

If you are planning to sell a home, have a look at what the economist says

UBC housing economist Tom Davidoff says that we have not seen a lot price movement on housing price due to fewer buyers; on the other hand, fewer home sellers as well. That could explain why the housing price reduction limited so far. However, as time goes by, we will see a lot more forced sale in the housing market; or the sellers decided it is time to sell.

Ran, a real estate agent has the following Suggestions for home sellers:

  1. Listing price – do not use yesterday’s price to list your home for sell now. The listing price must be close to the BC assessment
  2. Ask your listing agent to create Virtual Tour – it really helps due to the social distance
  3. Stunning images – some realtors don’t recognize the power of the images, so they probably use their mobile to take several images and list your home – ask your realtor to get you some stunning images immediately
  4. Knowing the market – every seller wants to sell a higher price, however, you need to know more about the real estate market and  your competitors (sellers who sells the same type of properties in your community)

Suggestions for home sellers:

  1. If you could wait, wait a bit longer, the home price might go up and down – but at this moment, I will say there are higher chances to go down on housing price
  2. Do more homework on the housing market’s data; eg: xxx Fleming st, what BC government assess its value? How many condo/townhome sold in the past 6 months in this area? What was the selling price? You need to work with your realtor to get all this kind of information.
  3. At Buypropertiesbc.ca – we provide basic analysis for each home listing; such as the house’s advantage and disadvantages. Furthermore, we also provide MLS Listings Vancouver‘s sales data on each specific community; eg: Yaletown, Metrotown, Downtown Vancouver……

Ran, a real estate agent has the following Suggestions for home sellers

Hopefully, the economy to bounce back, with the speed of the recovery will be key in whatever happens in reality.






UBC住房经济学家汤姆·戴维多夫(Tom Davidoff)表示,由于购房者减少,我们没有看到房价出现大量价格波动。另一方面,售房者也减少了。这可以解释为什么迄今为止房价下降有限。但是,随着时间的流逝,我们将看到房地产市场出现更多的强制性出售。或卖家决定是时候卖了。


  1. 挂牌价格–不要使用昨天的价格来列出要出售的房屋。上市价格必须接近BC评估
  2. 要求您的上市代理创建虚拟看房–由于社交距离,这确实有帮助
  3. 令人惊叹的图像-一些房地产经纪人无法识别图片的力量,因此他们可能会使用移动电话拍摄几张图像并列出您的房屋-请您的房地产经纪人立即为您提供一些令人惊叹的图像
  4. 了解市场-每个卖家都想卖出更高的价格,但是,您需要更多地了解房地产市场和竞争对手(在您社区中出售相同类型房屋的卖方)


  1. 如果您可以等待,请稍等一会,房价可能会上涨和下跌-但目前,我会说降价的机会更大
  2. 根据住房市场数据做更多的功课;例如:xxx Fleming st,不列颠哥伦比亚省政府对其价值进行评估吗?在过去的六个月中,该地区售出了多少套公寓/联排别墅?售价是多少?您需要与房地产经纪人合作以获得所有此类信息。
  3. 在Buypropertiesbc.ca –我们为每个房屋清单提供基本分析;例如房屋的优缺点。此外,我们还提供每个特定社区的MLS Listings Vancouver的销售数据;例如:耶鲁,都会区,温哥华市中心……